Call me what you may, but I remember the days when 50 bps was the norm on external modems until 75 bps came along followed by 110, 300, 1200, 2400, 9600 and so on. Shortly after 56,000 bps (56K) was introduced, I knew researching topics or subject matter no longer meant spending long nights in the library rejecting one book or publication after the other because the information I was looking for wasn’t addressed quite the way I needed.

And now, 20 years after joining my first networking site (KBBS – a Bulletin Board System), I find myself wondering how to best use the new reporting tools we’ve been given. Now tagged as social media, publishers, editors and writers can relay information to their readers, subscribers and/or fans instantaneously, and in a less formal format.

TILEand its sister publications,National Floor TrendsandFloor Covering Installer, recently joined the social media networking site of Facebook. Since its launch, TILE’s growing fan page now includes readers from all over the world. If you’re not currently a fan, then I invite you to join us at:

On Facebook, I can pose questions, gather your opinion on various topics and gauge the relevance of published editorial content or those that are under consideration. Immediate feedback is a great tool for delivering focused and in-depth content on upcoming features, case studies, and installation related articles. You’ll soon be able to tweet us on Twitter and link to us on LinkedIn.

Currently, articles onTILE’swebsite appear with tools along the top of the article:Email, Print, Reprint, and Share. Share is where you can find a Facebook icon (with LinkedIn and Twitter coming soon). For example, if you select Share, you’ll be able to share a particular article with your LinkedIn connections and/or groups; post the article on your Facebook profile and/or email the article to your friends, and on Twitter, the article’s URL appears will appear as one of your tweets.

Whatever your chosen mode of communication is,TILEwill be there with you.