Using patent-pending robotic technology to execute the fabrication of the mosaic, Artaic says it minimizes the time constraints and labor barriers of traditional mosaic.

Artaic will host a launch event Thursday, October 8, in its new space at the Boston Design Center that will highlight the use of robotic technology in creating custom tile mosaics. “Artaic is an innovative Boston-based company where art meets technology, making tile mosaics more accessible than ever thought possible,” the company notes.

Further, “We specialize in custom tile mosaics using marble, glass, or porcelain tiles created through the use of robotic technology. From patterns to paintings that have been converted through computer software, our custom-built robot assembles beautiful mosaics in a fraction of the time it would take any human, also making mosaic work more cost efficient than ever, Artaic added.

The event will feature live robotic demonstrations every half hour as well as samples of their work. Additionally, Boston’s Mayor Menino is scheduled to present Artaic with a Create Boston grant.