Poetic (shown on the left) and Sensory are part of the NO-Stalgia series.

Designer Karim Rashid

In collaboration with designer Karim Rashid, Porcelanatto has unveiled NO-Stalgia, a series of four collections that encompass 60x60 ceramic tiles that feature geometric forms and intricate lines.

The NO-Stalgia series includes Sensory (Grey, Nude, Pink, Blue), Poetic (Blue, Aura, Pink, Midnight), Emotion (Fire Orange, Grey, Lime, Carbon), and Desire (Violet, Jet, Grey, Lime), all of which have been designed for architects, decorators, interior designers, and experts “with a clear design vision, an urban concept of the materials, and the creators of artistic spaces designed to make an impressive impact,” the company notes. “The ultimate goal is to express, renew, and personalize each space in a unique way,” adds Porcelanatto.