Trikeenan Tileworks® has a new product that combines reclaimed materials from two factories,  Trikeenan and Metropolitan Ceramics.

Trikeenan Tileworks® has released Boneyard Brick™, a glazed thin brick product that combines reclaimed materials from two factories: post-industrial waste from Trikeenan and Metropolitan Ceramics, a thin-brick manufacturer, creates the Boneyard Brick collection.

Trikeenan says it uses salvaged thin brick from Metropolitan’s Metrobrick “boneyard,” then glazes it with their own recycled glazes. Trikeenan utilizes a closed loop system, meaning there is no glaze or clay waste leaving the factory. The resulting products have 95% recycled content, and are 100% VOC free.

“After 100 years of manufacturing brick and related products, Metrobrick had accumulated an impressive boneyard of perfectly serviceable thin brick,” says Trikeenan co-owner Stephen Powers. “ The boneyard brick’s defects - slight shifts in body color and size - are a natural palette for our glazes, and an ideal material for all interior wall tile and exterior thin brick applications. We realized that combining their scrap and our reclaimed glazes would result in a really unique, socially responsible new product with strong appeal to the commercial A&D market. We took the waste from two factories and created a beautiful, useful product that will last another lifetime.”