The 22nd edition of Tecnargilla, the international showcase of ceramic process and product innovations, opened its doors in Rimini, Italy to the “world’s leading exhibition of technologies and supplies for the ceramic and brick industries” from now until October 1.

The event, organized by Rimini Fiera S.p.A. in cooperation with ACIMAC (Italian Ceramic Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers’ Association), features 450 exhibitors and thousands of visitors and industry professionals from all over the world, including foreign delegations from Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Mexico, Maghreb, the Arabian Peninsula, Russia and Vietnam.

The ceremonial ribbon-cutting, marking the opening of the event, was done by Gian Carlo Muzzarelli (production activities officer for Regione Emilia Romagna) in the presence of Lorenzo Cagnoni (Rimini Fiera chairman), Pietro Cassani (ACIMAC chairman), Jamil Sadegholvaad (production activities officer for the province of Rimini), Paolo Gambuli (Acimac director) and numerous representatives of the civil and military authorities and entrepreneurs.

“The success of Tecnargilla, now unquestionably the world’s leading trade fair in its sector, owes much to the invaluable work conducted together with of Acimac,” commented Rimini Fiera chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni. “The various sections (Kromatech, Claytech and Kermat) have ever more innovative features, demonstrating Tecnargilla´s ability to grow and specialize, while maintaining its role as a compass pointing the way towards new developments in the ceramic industry.”

“Tecnargilla has begun very auspiciously with the announcement that a group of Acimac member companies has secured a major order in Turkey,” added Acimac’s chairperson Pietro Cassani. “This demonstrates the importance of being part of an association, especially at times of crisis, and enables us to look to the future with greater optimism in the awareness that we can continue to count on Asia. Tecnargilla is showcasing solutions for energy savings and new technologies for digital decoration and plant flexibility, which shows that our companies have chosen innovation as a strategy for embarking on the difficult road towards recovery.”

“There’s a strong desire for innovation,” noted Acimac director Paolo Gambuli. ´We are approaching the end of 2010 having lost a few companies but gained a lot of energy. For more than 30 years our member companies have been creating product and process innovation as a clear indication of their vitality. We remain the leaders and intend to continue to grow, using Tecnargilla as our springboard towards the future of the ceramic industry.”

Thanking all the entrepreneurs who base their businesses on research activities, the production activities officer for Regione Emilia Romagna Gian Carlo Muzzarelli spoke of change. “Change means achieving profound innovation,” he said. “It means pursuing sustainable and lasting growth, building alliances, creating that extra something that enables us to be competitive at an international level. We must maintain deep roots while keeping an eye on distant horizons, in other words producing locally without losing sight of trends in international markets.”