Florida Tile says its recent $15 million-plus investment in Lawrenceburg, KY, facility is continuing to pay for itself by necessitating three work shifts, seven days a week, in order to meet “the demand for the company’s evolving lines of porcelain and ceramic tile,” the company notes.

According to Florida Tile President Michael Franceschelli, “Our growing product portfolio and round-the-clock manufacturing mean we are keeping our promises to the region which invited us here and also our promises to our industry.”

He added, “It was just five years ago when our parent company, Panariagroup, announced it would relocate Florida Tile to Kentucky and to essentially re-fit an under-utilized manufacturing plant in Lawrenceburg, KY. The statement was a clear one, that Florida Tile would be a strategic investment in domestic US manufacturing.”

“When the Lawrenceburg facility was officially dedicated in 2007, we had already put in place the world’s most modern, porcelain tile manufacturing equipment, know-how and techniques, plus advanced environmental initiatives and had hired the kind of skilled local personnel we needed to achieve the mission,” he said.

Further, Franceschelli said, “We have subsequently made further state-of-the-art investments, such as digital printing technology, which has brought to the marketplace stunning new looks like HDP High Definition Porcelain that visually replicates the natural shade variation of stone and other floor and wall surfaces.”