Wholesale Tile by Aguayo now has a West Coast partner in a new arrangement with Beverly Hills, CA-based Avente Tile.

According to Wholesale Tile by Aguayo owner, Jorge Aguayo, “The showrooms will still be buying from Wholesale Tile by Aguayo, but will now receive customer service from Avente Tile. There will be samples in stock in California, and this means quicker delivery to the entire West Coast.” In addition, there will be someone available to answer phone calls during the later, regular business hours on Pacific time. Customers will still receive the same wholesale pricing and orders will come from Wholesale Tiles by Aguayo, as always.

Avente Tile is a company devoted to promoting the use of ceramic, cement and artisan tile. Avente Tile owner, Bill Buyok, has traveled abroad several times to visit tile factories associated with Wholesale Tile by Aguayo. He has worked with Wholesale Tile by Aguayo for several years and is very familiar with their many artisan tiles lines.

Bill explains the new arrangement, “What we’re trying to do is to provide an even better level of service. Handmade tile is not a cash-and-carry product, so it is important to have someone available to help,” he says. “To sell specialized tile, it takes knowledge and understanding, and we can assist with that. Customers will have someone they can talk to here in this time zone.”