MILAN, ITALY -- Ceramiche Refin, a leader in the ceramics sector, has recently launched its latest multimedia communications campaign for 2012, focusing on the brand and its new Cromie Collection.

The Cromie campaign is being promoted in major publications around the world as well as on the internet with banners on the main architectural and design portals and via a mobile campaign in Italy using sms and vms supported by leading phone operators. A Cromie App, available for download beginning the end of March, has also been designed for iPhones and other smartphones to promote the sharing of contents on the main social networks.

The set square is a tool that symbolizes technical design and was chosen for this reason to be recreated in the photo set using the colors of Cromie tiles and adopted by the press campaign to convey the concept of "New Perspectives" in design. Art director Roberto Bandiera chose the technique that creates an optical illusion by projecting a distorted image onto a surface in such a way that it is only recognizable if seen from a specific position.

"The choice of this visual expedient seemed natural to me, as it offers the possibility to create an optimum mix of the various key points that the campaign wants to communicate: the target of architects and industry professionals to whom the particular visual language is destined and the type of product," stated Bandiera. "The method of expression used was itself a consequence of the product presented -- the wide range of Cromie colors adapts perfectly to the creation of this play of perspectives without any need for of post production programs." A QR code was created to make the Cromie advertising page interactive, offering access to a backstage video recorded during the photo shoot of the campaign and to the download of the App designed for the collection. The App is based on the creative concept that lies behind the use of Cromie shapes and colors, letting you play with your own photos by combining them with all of the versions in the collection: create customized images with one touch, combining the four families of colors and the different sizes of tiles. The resulting graphic effect is never the same, enabling the creation of images with strong creative content. You can then share the result with your social network friends (Facebook and Twitter) or e-mail contacts. Any artwork created with the Cromie App sent to Refin will be displayed during Fuorisalone 2012 at Refin Studio, the company's Milan showroom in Foro Buonaparte. The "New Perspectives" integrated campaign was created by Refin thanks to the creativity of art director Roberto Bandiera and the photography of Lorenzo Vitturi, reports the Italian tile manufacturer.