“Copacabana” by Nina Martinelli

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL -- Solutions intended to reduce environmental impact are just one of several highlights planned for the 2012 edition of Expo Revestir, taking place March 6 to 9, at the Transamérica Expo Center, in São Paulo, Brazil.

“The sustainable concept is a promise for this 10th edition of Expo Revestir, either through the manufacturing process, the technology employed, or through the materials reused,” show organizers noted.

The following is a sampling of what attendees can expect to see on the show floor. For more information or to register for Expo Revestir, visit:www.exporevestir.com.

“Metalized Eco-Mosaic” by Lepri

"Metalized Eco-Mosaic" by Lepri

Mixing sophistication, modern lines and sustainability, Lepri has developed an exclusive line of metalized mosaic tiles using recycled fluorescent lamp glass and an abrasion-resistant ecologic glaze. The product is recommended for residential and high-traffic commercial areas such as retail stores, bars and restaurants.

Tecnogres’ Anti-Graffiti series

Tecnogres' Anti-Graffiti line

Taking part in an effort to contribute to the environment quality and citizenship, Tecnogrés, a company from the group Incefra, has updated its anti-graffiti line. With flat edges and shiny or satin finishing, the product is recommended for façades, walls and exterior walls.

This product was especially prepared to meet the demands created by the Projeto Cidade Limpa (Clean City Project), developed by the São Paulo municipal government.

Mazza’s “Brasile,” “Quadretto” and “Fragments”

Mazza's "Brasile," "Quadretto," "Fragments" and "Livorno"

Using sanitaryware waste as a component, the mosaic tiles manufactured by Mazza Cerâmicas are eco-friendly products. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas on walls and floors.

“Brasile” is offered in white, green, turquoise, cobalt blue, carbon, orange, terracotta); “Quadretto” mosaic tile is offered in all colors; “Fragments,” an encaustic cement tile line, is available in a patchwork format on 30 x 30 cm sheets); and mosaic tile “Livorno,” also offered in all colors, is available on 30 x 30 cm sheets.

Gardenia’s "Wood" series

Gardenia's "Wood" series

Recognized for its waste eliminating projects, Gardenia has introduced a series of “parquets” designed to “drastically reduce the utilization of raw material in its manufacturing process,” the company notes. In addition, it reduces CO2 emissions, while decreasing debris and packaging.

“Unique SK” by Revitech Pisos

"Unique SK" by Revitech Pisos

Revitech Pisos’ “Unique SK” features a self-disinfecting surface composed of two lines of defense: NanoSilver, which eliminates bacteria without using chemical products; and NanoTiO2, which helps in the germ decomposition process, and transforms toxic substances into harmless compounds through a chemical oxidation process.

Unique SK has been developed for areas that require bacteria-free environments, such as hospitals, laboratories, medical offices, etc. Available in eight colors.

“Copacabana” by Nina Martinelli

"Copacabana" by Nina Martinelli

Nina Martinelli will feature “Copacabana” as the latest edition to its “Drenante” collection of cement-based products designed to allow 80% permeability. As an eco-friendly product developed to solve water drainage problems, “Copacabana” is recommended for outdoor areas. Offered in two sizes, the series incorporates a percentage of construction waste and recycled materials into the finished product.