Laticrete, a global manufacturer of installation and finishing systems for the building industry, hosted a major grand opening event at its new retail outlet in the Jiuxing Building Materials Marketplace on June 20, 2012.The largest marketplace of its kind in Shanghai, the Jiuxing Market is one of the biggest building materials wholesale centers in China, with annual sales totaling more than 10 billion Yuan.

Laticrete Shanghai Retail Outlet

On June 20, 2012, Laticrete celebrated the opening of the Shanghai, China location.

According to Judy Xie, Marketing Manager of Laticrete China, "Laticrete established its retail outlet and technical center within this market so that people would understand and accept Laticrete as the industry's leading professional tile installation practitioner, and to ultimately become customers and partners of our company."

The grand opening ceremony included more than 200 enthusiastic attendees, consisting of both existing and potential customers hailing from the architecture and design, tile and stone distribution, and accessories distribution sectors. A professional presentation highlighted the six decades of the company's worldwide history and focused on how the firm has planned to implement its successful business model within China. "The event received a very good response from all attendees," added Xie. "In particular, there was an excellent exchange of both information and business between Laticrete and its Shanghai customers."

David A. Rothberg, Laticrete Chairman/CEO, journeyed to Shanghai to deliver a passionate speech describing important aspects about the Laticrete global strategy and how the firm's cutting-edge technology offers an abundance of benefits to all guests. The media, which was in strong attendance, inquired about global strategy and Laticrete China's operation, high-technology products and more. In addition to Rothberg and Xie, Laticrete Shanghai distributor Pu Qiu Co. Ltd. General Manager, Zhu Aimin and Laticrete China General Manager, Bill Qiu were present to support the event.

"Our new facility is a combination of a retail showroom and a technical training center," stated Bill Qiu. "At this location, we not only showcase Laticrete state-of-the-art tile and stone installation products… we also conduct in-depth training sessions relative to how best to use these materials. People in China are very enthusiastic to learn about the Laticrete System. We are committed to keep their excitement at the highest levels, by continually providing them with the industry's leading products and supporting them with the best possible technical service. We believe those are strong reasons why Laticrete China has grown over 50% ahead of our strategic business plan."