In a residential new construction in Lewis Center, OH, the team at America’s Floor Surface tiled throughout the home in two weeks, creating a rustic yet elegant design with travertine tile in both the kitchen and master bath. A combination of sizes from the “PietraArt” travertine collection by Florida Tile met the requirements for form and function, and the stone brings a sense of warmth to the living space.FL-Tile-Kitchen_body.jpg

The “PietraArt” travertine line from Florida Tile was an apparent favorite of the client, according to Tim Henson, President and Chief Operating Officer of America’s Floor Source in Louisville, KY. “All of the products used were Florida Tile products,” he said. “This was what the designer, homeowner and builder chose. We have a design center in our location. Our designer came in with the homeowner, and they all gravitated towards that product.”

In the kitchen, “PietraArt” travertine in “Picasso” was selected for the backsplash. The 2- x 4-inch brick mosaics give a rustic aesthetic and pair well with the light-colored cabinets and stainless appliances. “Above the range, we created an accent using Florida Tile’s ‘Pietra Art Bliss’ 5/8- x 5/8-inch mosaic in the color ‘cottonwood,’ and framed it with a ‘Pietra Art’ travertine in ‘Picasso’ using a 1- x 12-inch pencil rail accent,” said Henson. “The only challenge we encountered was to build out the wall where we installed the mosaic insert, because the glass was not as thick as the tile and the pattern was designed to be completely flush.”

For the floor of the master bath, the use of “PietraArt” travertine with a polished finish in the color “Picasso” continues. Pieces measuring 18 x 18 inches are featured in a straight-lay pattern. “The same product was used for the shower walls installed in a custom pattern, using a combination of 12- x 12-inch tile straight laid and topped off with a 3- x 6-inch tile in a herringbone pattern,” explained Henson. “In between these two tiles we installed a coordinating 5/8- x 5/8-inch mosaic tile accent band and bordered on top and bottom with a 1- x 12-inch pencil rail accent. The same mosaic tile used in the accent was also installed on the master shower floor over a poured shower pan.”


For a residential new construction in Lewis Center, OH, “PietraArt” travertine in “Picasso” from Florida Tile was employed in 2- x 4-inch brick mosaic format for the kitchen backsplash — bringing a touch of Old World style to the living space.

The home’s master bath features the same material, and all the tile was installed with Mapei Ultraflex 2 thinset adhesive as well as grout from Mapei of Deerfield Beach FL.

Henson explained that the project was a standard tile installation. “As far as method, we used a thinset install over concrete board,” he said. “Except for on the backsplash, we went right over the dry wall. The most challenging part of this installation would be the shower walls due to the multiple tile sizes used and detailed pattern incorporated. All of the grout was from Mapei and Mapei Ultraflex 2 thinset adhesive was also used for the project.


















Installation Details
Installer/Supplier: America’s Floor Source, Louisville, KY
Tile Products: Florida Tile, Lexington, KY
Installation Products: Mapei, Deerfield Beach, FL
Number of Installers: 2
Installation Time: 2 weeks