BETHANY, CT --Laticrete, a manufacturer of globally-proven construction solutions for thebuilding industry, recently announced the launch of Paver Link™ to the marketplace.Paver Link

A professionally engineered joint sand for use on practically all hardscape projects, the revolutionary technology of Paver Link™ makes installation easy by simply brushing the product into the joints between pavers. Ready for use right out of the package, no misting with water or tamping down is necessary. Once installed, it cures in 12 hours, and will not stain pavers, create dust or wash out.

"People should think about Paver Link™ as grout for outdoor pavers," said Jonathon Scott, Laticrete Product Manager. "For any paving configuration, it not only links pavers together -- but, in doing so, it also eliminates most any weed growth. Being permeable, it allows rainwater and oxygen to permeate the ground right beneath the installation, while not polluting soil or groundwater. It also resists damage from mechanical cleaners."

Once installed for exterior applications, Paver Link™ is long-lasting and will complement any new patio, pathway, plaza or driveway.  "When it comes to commercial interior paving projects such as atriums and rustic food courts, Paver Link™ is an ideal product to be specified as well," said Scott.

For optimal results, paver joints should be a minimum of ¼ inch wide and at least 1 inch deep.  Paver Link™ is best to be used with paving blocks, flagstones and larger, multi-shaped pavers. It is not recommended for use with joints less than ¼ inch wide.