DALLAS, TX – Marazzi recently announced two new decorative accents collections -- Divine Woods and Metal Mania -- plus Oxford, awall tileseries.

Lately there's been a preponderance of ever-larger-sized tiles on walls, but the Oxford Collection by Marazzi USA changes the focus to what can be accomplished with smaller formats. Oxford is sophisticated, confident, aesthetically pure and wide open to personal interpretation.Oxford's 5- x 15- and 10- x 15-inch sizes showcase the elegance reminiscent of classic padded walls reinvented for contemporary spaces. Sleek and refined, the mirror-glossy surface is framed by a wide beveled edge. When installed, the raised center section creates dramatic three-dimensional effects that are further enhanced with complementary 5- x 15-inch finishing rails and 1- x 5-inch corner angles.

Six tone-on-tone colors -- ivory, cacao, white, pearl, gray and black -- offer an extensive palette for mixing and matching, moving vertically or horizontally. The diamond-like lustre and translucent finish make Oxford a sophisticated choice for today's distinctive personal and professional areas. Transform a home's bath, backsplash, fireplace or dining area. Revitalize a restaurant; uplift a lobby; energize a classroom; embolden a spa.

Further expanding the series are two 12- x 12-inch complementary diamond-shaped mosaics fabricated from glazed porcelain. Available in both a Gray and a Brown version, they present the optical illusion of stacked cubes and are suitable for either floor or wall use. All items in the collection contain 45% recycled content, making them very eco-friendly.

Metal Mania

Metal Mania is the latest Marazzi USA decorative metallic collection. Six distinctive designs and two burnished metal colors -- Bronze and Pewter – are high impact additions to any wall. Used singly or in combination, these head-turning decos add the finishing touch to a room, expressing the individual personality of the owner or designer.

Ceramic and resin comprise the body of Metal Mania which is then coated with actual metal surfacing. The collection sets a subtly modern tone, but the classic colors can also be successfully incorporated into a multitude of settings. The pieces are easy to cut, miter, drill and install. Furthermore, their ease of maintenance make them an ideal choice for both interior residential and commercial walls. Even a few linear feet can take a porcelain, ceramic or glass wall to new heights.

A wide array of size and shape options in each color include: Chair Rail (1 7/8- x 13-inch), Pencil Liner (5/8- x 13-inch), Ridged Liner (9/16- x 13-inch), Wave Liner (3/4- x 13-inch), Link Liner (9/16- x 13-inch) and Dot Liner (1 7/8- x 13-inch).

Divine Woods

Marazzi USA's Divine Woods Collection complements residential or commercial walls. Specifically designed to enhance porcelain, ceramic and glass tile walls, these 13-inch strips introduce matte touches of comfort and warmth into any setting. Unexpected surface patterns include bamboo, rectangle and criss-cross motifs. While not traditional designs commonly associated with wood, their simple elegance plays well in both contemporary and classic settings.

Intricately textured, Divine Woods displays a natural wood-grained background topped with bas relief-like designs that immediately capture attention and refine any wall. Multiple styles -- Chair Rail (2 1/2- x 13-inch), Pencil Liner (1/2- x 13-inch), Bamboo Liner (1 5/8- x 13-inch), Rectangle Liner (2- x 13-inch) and Criss-Cross Liner (2 9/16- x 13-inch) -- are available in Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown ranges.

The composite stone/resin compound used to form Divine Woods is simple to cut, miter, drill and install. A basic maintenance routine using clear water and/or a neutral (soapless) cleaner followed by drying with a soft cloth is all it takes to keeping these miniature "woodcarvings" looking their best.