SAN JOSE, CA -- Fireclay Tile continues to put an artistic touch on their range of sustainable tile offerings by expanding its Debris Series Recycled Ceramic Tile to include Picket and Wave, capturing the beauty of recurring patterns in everyday life. The new collection includes a wide-ranging color palette that provides limitless creative potential in residential, retail and hospitality spaces.

Utilizing time-honored techniques and modern technology mixed with American craftsmanship, Fireclay Tile continues to hand make 100% of its products in Northern California.


Capturing the coastal inspiration of the Pacific Ocean, Fireclay Tile evokes its California origin with the introduction of Wave. The graceful pattern of Wave floats freely across a surface for a calming effect in walls, floors, fountains and accent features in indoor or outdoor applications. Wave's long, lean curvilinear design is available in a palette of 80 natural, lead-free glazes, with the option to combine several hues to create a variety of patterns with splashes of color. Choose from a gloss finish that creates a swell of luminous color that shimmers across its handcrafted surface, or a subtle satin matte finish. The 2.75 x 12 inch Wave tile is handmade on the Debris Series Recycled Ceramic Tile body.


Transforming an iconic pattern into a bold, geometric tile shape -- Fireclay Tile introduces Picket, a beautifully articulated design that makes an opulent yet contemporary statement. Picket's contoured pattern is ideal for floors, walls, fountains and accent features that will enhance any indoor or outdoor setting. Fireclay Tile offers a spectrum of 80 natural, lead-free glazes that include both lively, vibrant tones and subtle neutrals available in gloss and satin matte finish.

Combine with a contrasting grout color for an eye-catching graphic-feature installation. Picket is handmade on the Debris Series Recycled Ceramic Tile body and available in a 3 5/8 x 10.25 inch tile size.

Fireclay Tile's handmade, American-crafted Debris Series Recycled Ceramic Tile features over 70% recycled content that is sourced within 200 miles of its sustainable manufacturing facility. These materials include recycled waste glass, recycled granite dust from a quarry located next to its manufacturing facility, recycled spent abrasives leftover from cleaning the Hetch Hetchy water pipes that transport water to the City of San Francisco from Yosemite Valley and most recently post-consumer plumbing fixtures destined for the landfill. All products are handmade within one of Fireclay's two day-lit, open-air factories where the company reuses everything including clays, glazes and wastewater.

Fireclay Tile picket

About Fireclay Tile:

Founded in 1986 by its Chief Ceramicist, Paul Burns, Fireclay Tile offers ceramic, brick and glass tile materials that are unique, affordable and sustainable. Using locally sourced and recycled materials, Fireclay utilizes time-honored techniques and modern technology to create 100% of their own product. From the recycled clay base of the Debris Series to its own unique, lead-free glazes which are mixed in-house.

Fireclay has worked with trusted commercial partners such as Whole Foods, Starbucks and Google for over 10 years. All product lines contribute to achieving LEED credits.