GREENBROOK, NJ -- The new Crayola Recycled Mosaic Tile Collection brought to market by Surfaces, Inc., and represented by Savona Tile, a full-line distributor/importer based in Central New Jersey, has made a major impression. Savona is so thrilled with this new product line, a brand which has 99% name recognition in U.S. consumer households, the firm recently remodeled its main showroom with a major focus on the Crayola product.                  

"The colors offered with the Crayola series are beautiful, vibrant and fun," stated Mark Nielsen, General Manager of Savona Tile. "And not only are we selling these materials for residential installations, they are also very much in demand for commercial projects, as well."

Nielsen went on to state that the American homeowner is immediately drawn to the Crayola name. His company has done so well with the product, that Savona Tile is now featuring the series on its current billboard advertising program, as well. "Customers seem to trust this brand," added Nielsen. "We feel fortunate to be distributing the Crayola line and envision only more good things happening relative to working with it."