BOCA RATON, FL --Q.E.P. Co., Inc. makes its television debut today, Monday, January 20, 2014, to The Fox Business Network on the hit series Manufacturing Marvels®. The segment will air between 9:30 and 9:45 p.m. (EST).Q.E.P.

Filmed on location in Johnson City, TN, at Q.E.P. Co., Inc.'s Harris Wood manufacturing facility, this high-level company profile showcases the strength of Q.E.P. Co., Inc. This segment highlights Q.E.P. Co., Inc. and its multiple brands and product categories and then moves into a focus on Harris Wood.

Manufacturing Marvels® is produced by award-winning producers Bob and Jerry May and directed by award-winning director Bryan McCullough. Their two-minute segments spotlight American manufacturers, their products and the companies' processes. The productions are shot on location and narrated by nationally acclaimed voice talent John Criswell.

"When we were approached by the team at Marvel Production Group to participate in one of their productions, we recognized the value in working with them and the prestige they could bring to our brands," stated Jamie Clingan, Senior Vice President of Marketing. "Manufacturing Marvels® productions is designed to promote American manufacturing, American made products and, of course, American manufacturing jobs. With over 775,000 square feet of manufacturing footprint operating out of 10 facilities in seven states, this fits right into our Made in the USA strategy."