Deerfield Beach, FL – Today, there is a new breed of single-component, ready-to-use grout available that makes the job easier for tile-setting professionals. The key focus of MAPEI’s new MAPEI Flexcolor CQ is a water-based styrene acrylic co-polymer with a proprietary admixture package using coated quartz aggregate technology. This next-generation grout offers a triple benefit to installers: workability, cleanability and color consistency.

“We are focusing on the commercial installer, to bring them MAPEI quality with the ease of ready-to-use grout,” said David Mowery, Tile & Stone Installation Systems Business Manager for Color Products and the UltraCare line. “This is not the old-style premixed grout, but a next-generation product that is simple to apply and almost effortless to clean. It leaves little to no haze on the tile after the initial wash.”

In addition, MAPEI Flexcolor CQ should eliminate callbacks from consumers about grout not being color-consistent throughout the area of their tile floor. “This product combines chemical resistance and stain resistance comparable to epoxy grouts with the abrasion resistance of cementitious grout to bring the end user an ease of maintenance never experienced before,” Mowery added. “Plus, MAPEI Flexcolor CQ’s ability to re-bond over an existing installation ensures flush joints and easy touch-up of any damaged joints or tile replacement in the future.”

MAPEI Flexcolor CQ is available in 26 colors. It can be purchased in both 1-gallon and 2-gallon plastic pails with EZ-Store pail design and a flip-top re-sealable lid. Coverage is approximately 100 square feet per gallon, based on a 12- x 12- x 3/8-inch thick tile with a ¼-inch grout joint. The 1-gallon coverage is comparable to a 10-lb. bag of cementitious grout powder, and the 2-gallon coverage is close to a 25-lb. powder bag.

MAPEI Flexcolor CQ can be purchased by professional tile and stone installers through their local MAPEI distributor. MAPEI sales representatives are available to provide additional information and training on the use of this new breed of grout.