WAUWATOSA, WI, -- Bostik, Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of adhesives and sealants, successfully introduced its HeatStep™ Floor Warming system one year ago. In response to strong demand, the firm is now offering a video, which educates all viewers on the system's attributes. This five-minute video, which is available online viahttp://bostik-us.com/markets/flooring/floor-warming-products is a skillfully edited on-screen assemblage of actual installation sequences, digitized architectural animations and finished vignettes. It is narrated by Robert Williams, Bostik's Consumer & Construction Business Unit National Sales Manager, a well-known figure within the North American floor covering sector.

An ideal selection to add warmth to wood, laminate or tile (ceramic and stone) floors, HeatStep™ products are easily installed and completely safe to the end-user. An alternative to forced-air heating systems, HeatStep™ silently performs without vents or ducts, eliminating any risk of potentially harmful airborne particles being circulated.

"For comfortable energy-efficient, even heat, our HeatStep™ system is a true problem-solver for architects, building owners and end-users," said Mike Jenkins, Business Director, Consumer and Construction Business Unit at Bostik. "This is clearly evident in our new video. We could have brought in professional actor/voiceover talent for the on-screen narration. But, decided upon using Bob Williams, as he did not only a professional job, he also brings strong industry credibility to our video."

HeatStep™ Mats can be rolled out and attached to the subfloor using two-sided tape, then covered with a cementitious layer before the flooring is installed. HeatStep™ Wire, recommended for more complex room layouts, is applied by securing cable straps to the subfloor and stretching the wire cable between them. When installing both products, a wire fault detector monitors if any wires are damaged, sounding an alarm in time for easy repair (before mat or wire are covered with mortar or cement).

Offered with energy-saving programmable and basic thermostat controls, all HeatStep™ Mat and HeatStep™ Wire products are made in the U.S. and are offered with a 10-year limited warranty. All of this and more is superbly presented in the new video.

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