Thanks to the great works of painters as diverse as Pablo Picasso and Edvard Munch, abstraction has long been revered in the art world. Their visions broke new ground and paved the way for a new generation of masters to expand our artistic viewpoint.Mediterranea Dream Series

Mediterranea has also chosen to pursue a bold artistic and creative path in the creation of its all new "Dream" series -- providing designers and architects a transcendent wood look never before seen in the American marketplace, and completely reinventing the genre.

Dream features an innovative, minimalistic design approach -- delivering the sought-after essence of wood while staying true to a contemporary color palette worthy of the world’s great artistic visionaries.

Dream is the perfect visualization of a modern, smooth, gentle wood, conceived to perfection by Mediterranea’s veteran team of expert craftsmen and its exclusive Dynamic HD Imaging™ technology.

Manufactured in the U.S. exclusively in the 8- x 48-inch size to accentuate its tranquil and sleek aura, Dream is available in four essential designer colors: Silver, Mocha, Charcoal and Taupe.

For the first time, a minimalistic, truly modern look can be achieved while using the charm and warmth of wood graphics. The new Dream series by Mediterranea is a contemporary flooring art form unto itself, allowing your design dreams to blossom into reality.