While the true origins of the Stonehenge monument in England remain shrouded in mystery, its beauty and elegance are undeniable. Now, over three millennia after the first stones were erected on the historic site, Mediterranea has conceived an all-newporcelain tileseries that in both size and design serves as a fitting tribute to one of the world’s most revered and intriguing destinations.Stonehenge Series

Mediterranea’s "Stonehenge" series is made in a stunning 18- x 36-inch size -- a large format worthy of the imposing stone monoliths of the English countryside. Utilizing Mediterranea’s Dynamic HD Imaging™ design technology, the Stonehenge series has re-imagined two timeless and essential events: Dusk, featuring the rich earth tones highlighted by the setting sun over the English landscape; and Dawn, emphasizing the lighter accents and highlights that have signaled the beginning of millions of new days through the ages.

Made in the U.S., Stonehenge also offers matching mosaic and bullnose trim pieces to complete the perfect design package for any architectural vision. We may never comprehend the true origin of the original Stonehenge site, but we recognize beauty and majesty when we see it.  Mediterranea’s new Stonehenge series brings the rich heritage of a lost era to life like never before.