SASSUOLO, ITALY -- The renovation of the Hotel Riu Gran Canaria (Spain) is the winning project of Fincibec Group's Third Quinquennial Tile Award. Over 4,000 square meters of ceramic brands Monocibec and Century have given a new face to the resort located on the island of Gran Canaria, just a few steps from the sea and the picturesque dune beach.

The large hotel was completely renovated in spring/summer of 2013, according to a project curated by the studio of architect, Agustín Díaz De Aguilar Cantero, with particular attention paid to the swimming pool and outdoor areas dedicated to catering. The link with surrounding nature has been emphasized by the use of the "Echo" collection by Monocibec and "Arbor" collection by Century, both in wood-effect porcelain stoneware. The different colors and finishes selected by the designer masterfully interpret the versatility of ceramic materials to combine aesthetic and technical requirements.

In particular, "Echo" by Monocibec, in the Siusi color with grip R11 A + B + C finish, was installed in the area surrounding the spectacular infinity pool ensuring usability in total safety of one of the busiest and most popular areas of the hotel.

In the bars and restaurants, "Arbor" by Century has been used, in Brown and White, giving a sense of openness and natural appearance to the spaces ensuring outstanding performance in terms of durability and hygiene required in these areas with frequent and intense transit. Registered for the competition by the contractor Juan Francisco Gomila, the renovation project of Hotel Riu Gran Canaria was particularly appreciated by the jury of the Quinquennial Tile Award precisely for the way in which the ceramic materials found a place in the renovation works, responding to technical and design requirements of an intensely lived public area.

The fourth edition of the Fincibec Group's Quinquennial Tile Award is currently in progress. Registration is open until March 31, 2016. For information and to register, visit