Laticrete® Floor Heat is the perfect complement to tile and stone floors. Available in either a self-adhesive mesh mat or an economical wire cable track system, the Floor Heat Mat and Wire are U.L. code approved, offer simple onsite adjustability and are fast, easy and economical to install. Floor Heat products are made of thin, durable double jacketed wire construction, come in both a 120VAC and 240VAC version, and are backed by a Laticrete Lifetime System Warranty.


Acting as the thermal mass by transferring heat from the system’s hydronic tubing or electric cables to the living space, Maxxon’s Therma-Floor turns floors into ultimate radiators, delivering luxurious heating comfort and efficiency to any home or commercial building.  Therma-Floor is a “green” building material containing recycled content and is also GreenGuard Gold Certified.


Warmset by Penrod radiant floor heating rewards the consumer in evenly distributed heat, increased floor surface coverage and durability, while lowering installation times. Warmset installation is fast and easy: simply unroll. Warmset’s innovative ribbon design, consisting of a laminate metal-plastic multilayer, reduces the possibility of breakage and damage during install. Warmset can be used where space is limited, such as renovations, and is highly compatible with mortars used for tile and stone.


The Prodeso Heat System by Progress Profiles combines the benefit of an underlayment membrane with the comfort and convenience of electrical floor heating. It can be installed over the entire subfloor as an uncoupling, crack isolating and waterproofing membrane. The electrical radiant heat cable is then installed in the areas where heat is required. Once the heat cable is installed, you can begin tiling immediately. The patented system by Progress Profiles allows you to have the comfort and convenience of under floor electrical radiant heating without the unnecessary added time and cost of previously used systems.


Now you can create beautiful heated floors, with uncoupling technology for improved durability and protection against tile and grout cracking. Ceramic and stone tiles are ideal surface coverings because they are durable, hygienic and easy to maintain. However, two common concerns with tile are that they are prone to cracking and can be cold to the touch. Ditra-Heat from Schluter Systems offers complete flexibility in selecting only the areas that you want to be heated. Cables can be placed wherever heat is desired, without creating height differences in the floor. Self-leveling compounds are not required to encapsulate the cables, significantly reducing installation time.


To reduce installation times, the wire spacing for SunTouch’s WarmWire® system is now 3 inches on center, with an output of 12 watts per square foot, consistent with industry standards. WarmWire cables have also been enhanced with a lower profile, making it possible to use less thin-set or self-leveler during installation. In addition, the WarmWire jacket now has a high visibility blue outer jacket that exceeds UL impact test requirements. WarmWire electric floor heating cables provide underfloor heat that helps keep bathrooms, kitchens, family rooms, basements and entryways warm, dry and safe.


WarmlyYours Radiant Heating’s TempZone™ floor heating system is available in Flex Rolls, Easy Mats, Custom Mats and Cable formats to accommodate any room size and shape. It can be installed under tile, stone or hardwood. TempZone™ Flex Rolls and Easy Mats both have a watt density of 15 watts, which is the highest allowed by the National Electric Code. WarmlyYours also offers Environ™ heating rolls and mats for use under carpet (in the U.S. only), laminate and floating wood floors as well as Slab Heating mats and cables for use in concrete.