DALLAS, TX -- New from Daltileare seven innovative collections and three natural stone line extensions that will encourage customers to imagine what's possible as they design spaces. Drawing inspiration from the latest design trends, the new lines bring to life a number of styles with a variety of sizes, colors and textures, ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

New to the lineup, Yorkwood Manor™and Saddle Brook™are the latest additions to Daltile's portfolio of wood-look tile options. Artigiano™brings the natural, handmade aesthetic, made popular in southern Europe, and River Marble™captures the look of intricate veining and the organic color palette found in natural marble.

For more contemporary designs, Elevare™utilizes rectangular shapes in simple, monochromatic color ways, and the Skybridge™collection offers the on-trend look of brushed cement for a stylish, modern space. Crystal Shores™provides a fresh twist on mosaics, blending colored crushed glass and blocks infused with metallic texture.

Daltile has also added new sizes and colors to its Granite, Marble, Natural Stone Patterns, Natural Stone Granite Slabsand Quartzite Slabcollections to complete the launch.

"Daltile's spring lineup is a reflection of our commitment to delivering the styles we know the market wants, featuring stunning visuals that utilize some of our most sophisticated printing technologies to date," said April Wilson, director of brand marketing for Dal-Tile. "From fresh takes on aged, reclaimed looks, to thoughtful details and expanded color selections, we continue to add options that empower our customers to dream big -- because we know we can deliver."

Yorkwood Manor™ Glazed Porcelain

Bring the look of New England's historic homes and barns into any setting with Yorkwood Manor. Thanks to Reveal Imaging™ Technology, this glazed porcelain elegantly recreates the authentic look of reclaimed wood with deliberate cracked paint and water stain detailing. Richly inspired and filled with character, Yorkwood Manor adds beauty and a sense of history to any space.

  • Available in three colors: Birchtree, Pecan and Deep Walnut
  • Popular 6- x 36-inch plank size simulates real wood

Saddle Brook™ Glazed Porcelain

Let the warmth and timeless look of hardwood flow through the entire home with Saddle Brook glazed porcelain. Reveal Imaging™ technology delivers an authentic hardwood visual in four natural wood tones to give a realistic look that is durable and scratch resistant.

  • Traditional wood visual available in four colors: Oak Trail, Farmhouse, Walnut Creek, Gravel Road
  • Available in a 6- x 36-inch plank size to create the look of real hardwood floors

Artigiano™ Glazed Ceramic

Inspired by the homes of southern Europe, Artigiano brings a handmade appeal into any room. Its glossy, hand-painted appearance and irregular edges add to its alluring, old-world look. Offered in seven earthy, neutral colors and two linear sizes, this resurgent design adds subtle charm to wall designs.

  • Available in two linear sizes, ideal for creating backsplashes: 3 x 6 inches and 3 x 12 inches
  • Neutral, earthy color palette available in seven colors: Italian Alps, Tremiti Sand, Riviera Pompeii, Venice Statue, Milan Arena, Roman Skyline, Florentine Gates


River Marble™ ColorBody™ Porcelain

Create a lasting impression with the flowing visual impact offered by River Marble. Its intricate veining and organic color palette resembles luxurious marble, but offers the practicality of porcelain tile. It's available in large format sizes with your choice of matte or a beautiful polished finish, which offers the flexibility to design an elegant space that's perfect for both classic and contemporary styles.  

  • Available in a five colors: River Rapids, Sandy Flats, Silver Springs, Muddy Banks, Smoky River
  • Four sizes in a matte or polish glaze surface: 12 x 36, 8 x 36, 6 x 24, 12 x 24 inches
  • Reveal Imaging™ technology creates the appearance of marble

Elevare™ Glazed Ceramic

Elevare combines clean, monochromatic color schemes to create a fashion-forward look inspired by the latest architectural trends. This collection's bold colors and range of sizes add a dramatic flair to any room. From backsplashes and showers to accent walls, Elevare gives the versatility and style needed to take designs to new heights. 

  • Offered in a wide array of monochromatic colors: Lunar, Crater, Sand, Element, Carbon, Cacao, Coal
  • Available in large, linear formats, including 4 x 16 inches and 6 x 18 inches

Skybridge™ Glazed Ceramic

Create a contemporary, on-trend space with the brushed cement effect and clean edges of Skybridge. This fresh, modern take on the concrete trend is offered in four versatile colors. Its coordinating floor, wall and mosaic sizes will give your room a sleek, finished look.

  • Brushed cement effect and subtle linear visual produced with Reveal Imaging™ technology
  • Available in four colors: Off White, Beige, Brown, Gray
  • Designed for floor, wall and mosaic installations in a variety of sizes:

o   Floor: 12 x 12, 12 x 24, 18 x 18 inches

o   Wall: 10 x 14 inches, 4 x 8 inches

o   Mosaics: 2 x 4 inches


Crystal Shores™ Glass Mosaics

Give your walls dimension with the visually captivating effect of Crystal Shores. This mosaic blends crushed, colored glass and blocks infused with metallic sheen for truly radiant designs. An array of beautiful colors available in two sizes amplifies the ambience of relaxing bathrooms and dramatic accents.

  • Six dazzling colors: Diamond Delta, Hazel Harbor, Sapphire Lagoon, Emerald Isle, Copper Coast, Aurelian Seas
  • Two sizes: 2- x 1-inch brick-joint and a random linear

Line Extensions:

Granite Tile

Daltile's Granite collection has been enhanced and expanded with the latest styles and finishes. A gorgeous new color palette coordinates with the most popular granite countertops while large and rectangular formats provide additional design flexibility. Durable, versatile and low-maintenance, the Granite collection brings beauty and performance to both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Two new sizes, in addition to the current 12- x 12-inch format: 12 x 24 and 18 x 18 inches
  • Five new colors: Cotton White, Several Pearl, Charcoal Black, Chloe White, Azul Plantino


Marble Tile

Daltile's Marble collection delivers classic style for modern settings with the addition of attractive new color options. New styles are available in large format and rectangular sizes with honed and polished finishes. Complement the look with new and unique Lantern, Wave and Random Linear mosaics.

  • Three new colors: Daphne White, Meili Sand, Phaedra Cream
  • Available in three sizes: 12 x 12, 12 x 24, 18 x 18 inches


Natural Stone Patterns

Daltile's expanded Natural Stone Patterns line moves beyond traditional rustic travertine and slate by adding more elegant stones such as marble and limestone. Popular white and gray color options have been added to complement a contemporary style, while classic beige tones are available for more transitional appeal. Those seeking the former will appreciate the new refined leather finish with soft edges compared to the alternative chiseled effect.

  • Five new colors in marble and limestone patterns

o   Marble: Adour Crème, Phaedra Cream, Meili Sand, Tinos Gray, Argun Gray

o   Limestone: Adour Crème


Natural Stone Granite & Quartzite Slabs

Growing the portfolio of natural stone offerings, Daltile is introducing new granite and quartzite slab colors in stunning tones that offer unique aesthetic movement to any countertop. New colors provide unsurpassed durability and an elegant look.

  • Granite additions include: Summit White, Tambora Tide, Rockside Brown and Autumn Equinox
  • Quartzite adds Blue Fusion to the color lineup
  • Available in 2 cm and 3 cm thickness, with a polished finish

To view all of Daltile's new product offerings, visit Daltile.com.