In the bathroom, shower heads have become an object of high design and have gained more and more importance. The time dedicated to showering, in fact, is the one of "pampering," when everyone relaxes and gets more energy. Treemme Rubinetterie always conceives multiple solutions to make this moment even more meaningful.

New designs

Treemme Rubinetterie presents the line of emotional shower heads that were designed to immerse you in a real paradise. The wall-made model created in metal and steel and equipped with an innovative double-use, which allows the function "cascade" alternately to the one "rain."

This head is available in one size: 50 x 20 mm.

Another model characterized by a great visual impact is the up and down, which is realized in brass with a polished chrome finish. Straight forward lines and an attractive design make this shower head suitable for people who love modern and stylish bathrooms. This shower set is conceived with a new cold thermostat that, even with the use of very hot water, does not overheat the mixers. It's available in two sizes: 250 mm or 300 mm.

5MM design by Ocostudio and ing.Castagnoli

5MM is created completely in satin stainless steel (free from any trace of iron, chrome or nickel). The 5MM design expresses the essential characteristics of the technology that generated it -- its constant thickness is in fact 5 mm -- as well as the outflow of water from its spout, and the internal passage with all its mixing capacity.

This patent actually allows water to pass through 5 mm millimeters, even in the flat version. Using a single thickness for all parts of the tap, for the control handles and also for all series applications make the 5mm design light, impalpable... almost delicate.

This is a technology where every detail has been studied to ensure an innovative appearance, an avant-garde line and at the same time to pay the greatest attention to eco-sustainability and saving water.

LIGHT Design by Danilo Fedeli - 3DF

The shower heads belonging to the LIGHT series are made of an Etnite body, which envelops the freefalling water, all immersed in a bright, full-color experience, thanks to its multi-functional chromo therapy system. The new LIGHT shower heads are available in different shapes with different colored LED lights, each of which has an electromagnetic frequency and a specific wave-length that has particular effects on the cells.

The LIGHT series has a new shower head made of Corian with its minimalist lines for a slim and stylish body.

PAO_SPA design by Giancarlo Vegni

The PAO_SPA series has a sophisticated design, with harmoniously-integrated rounded and angular shapes, that adapts to the most current furnishing solutions. Water flows from squared openings whose cascade effect creates the sensation of a small spa. A complete shower panel is also available. The PAO_SPA series is available in four different finishes: chrome, brush nickel, white/chrome and black/chrome.