Ege Seramik has established itself as a global leader in the ceramic tile industry. With a factory in the organized industrial zone of Kemalpasa in Izmir, Turkey, the ceramic tile manufacturer supplies to an international market, with North America being its largest.

The company was established in 1972 with Ibrahim Polat as a founding member. At the time, Polat contributed 25% of the capital investment. In 1981, Polat acquired the majority of shares in Ege Seramik. In 1983, I. Polat Holding was founded to consolidate the Polat family’s various ventures in construction, manufacturing, tourism and energy fields. Almost a decade later, in 1992, Ege Seramik offered 25% of its shares to the public on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. As of now, 65% of Ege Seramik shares are owned by I. Polat Holding and 35% are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

The head office and production facilities for Ege Seramik are located on an area of nearly 38 million square feet. A total of 31% of Ege Seramik’s production is exported to more than 50 countries and 69% of it is sold in the Turkish domestic market. North America is one of the major export markets for Ege Seramik, with an approximate share of 14% of its annual production, and 45% of its exports.

To keep up with the demand for its products, the tile producer employs 1,188 workers in its factory, which is equipped with primarily Sacmi machinery. The company also has several Kerajet inkjet printers in addition to Sacmi Intesa printers.

In 1994, Ege Seramik obtained an ISO 9001-2000 Quality Assurance certificate, which represents global quality in design, product development, facility and service. The company has also started the process to earn an ISO 14001 Environment Management System certificate. Additionally, the Turkish ceramic tile manufacturer has UPEC for French standards and a DQS Quality certificate for German standards.

With a large staff and state-of-the-art tile processing equipment, Ege Seramik’s established production capacity is 258 million square feet annually. The company’s production consists of 40% glazed porcelain tile, 50% ceramic wall tile and 10% floor (monocottura) tile. With its in-house manufacturing of deco and trims pieces, mosaics, polishing and rectification capabilities, Ege Seramik considers itself a “one-stop source” for tile distributors.

Ege Seramik sells to distributors/wholesalers, and has nationwide customers, as well as regional and smaller scale distributors. Its office in Norcross, GA, allows it to service more than 80 U.S. distributors.