Tile has become one of the most prevalent flooring materials utilized in Southern areas, whether it’s for new construction, a complete remodel or a smaller renovation. Because of its reputable cooling properties, easy maintenance and cost efficiency, the material is preferred over natural options, such as stone and wood, in states with consistently warm climates. In Davie, FL, a couple of homeowners opted for a clean and contemporary look when renovating their home, which was achieved using a range of porcelain and mosaic tile.

Although the entire home was remodeled, most of the focus was placed on the master suite, according to Alena Capra of Alena Capra Designs in Fort Lauderdale, FL. “We did an entire master suite remodel,” she said. “We added closets in the bedroom then moved onto the bathroom. The bathroom was a direct replacement. The floor plan was great as it was — with a ‘his and hers’ vanity — however, the owners wanted to make the shower larger.

“Now, they have a huge steam shower with all sorts of bells and whistles, including Bluetooth connectivity for music, aromatherapy and chromotherapy,” Capra went on to say. “This bathroom has everything; all the things you’d want.”

To create the interactive space, approximately 400 square feet of tile was used, supplied directly from Floor & Decor in Pompano Beach, FL. A selection of warm-colored, glass mosaics were used to accent the 12- x 24-inch neutral porcelain tiles that comprise the floor and shower walls. “The owners love the metallic mosaic, so we used that as a starting point and matched everything to go with it,” said Capra. “They wanted metallic and copper, so we drew inspiration off of one piece they liked and went from there.”

A 2- x 2-inch Santa Vincent Brick Glass & Metal Mosaic was used as a distinct accent on the vanity backsplashes, mini shelves around the tub, shower wall and shower niche. The small, yet luminescent tiles incorporate shades of orange, brown and gray, and have unique striations running through each individual square.

To serve as accompanying accents, a smaller-sized Metallico Copper Metallic Mosaic was utilized on the shower floor. These mini hexagonal tiles embrace darker shades of brown, gray and white, and balance well with the warmer-toned, square and rectangular tiles on the shower walls.

The 12- x 24-inch porcelain tiles used to clad the floors and shower walls encompass a beige-and-brown color, with thin, darker veins running throughout which emulate the look of travertine. The lighter tile was also cut into smaller custom-sized pieces for the tub and shower bench surrounds.

“I also used Schluter Systems’ ‘jolly’ brushed nickel trim pieces to accent the tile on the backsplash and tub sides,” said Capra. “It’s the best to finish tile and make it contemporary.”

Quartz countertops from Pompeii Quartz in Naples, FL, in an off-white color were also added as a neutral element to contrast with the more pronounced colors of the glass tiles, according to Capra. The quartz was used for both vanity countertops, the shower bench and the tub surrounds.

“I really enjoyed working with this color palette,” explained Capra. “I haven’t worked with a copper color palette before, but I loved how it complemented the metallic. I also love it because it’s so different than what I’m used to designing. It’s a good way of showing how you can use copper with silver.”

Making it all come together

To complete the installation, Capra enlisted the help of Pavel Tim Prichici, owner of Pavel Prichici, Inc. in Hollywood, FL, who she commonly works with on residential projects. “The glass took much longer than usual,” said Capra. “However, I’m never worried because Pavel knows exactly how to create my vision and make it perfect. The owners were so happy with the bathroom, they asked him to come back and install the tile throughout their entire home.”

Prichici, who finalized the entire home’s renovation at the end of April, utilized products from Amerimix and Laticrete in the bathroom. “We used a mortar mix from Amerimix and Platinum 254 from Laticrete,” he said. “We used the same technology as we normally do, where the tile was applied with a thinset. We also leveled the entire bathroom because no grout was used.”

Prichici worked with two other men to complete the installation of the bathroom, which took about 10 days. “It was a very good experience,” said Prichici.

“The owners are very happy with the bathroom,” Capra added. “They like a contemporary design and this is definitely something with a contemporary feel.”

Private residence

Davie, FL

Designer: Alena Capra Designs, LLC, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tile Supplier: Floor & Decor, Pompano Beach, FL (12- x 24-inch porcelain tile, 2- x 2-inch Santa Vincent Brick Glass & Metal Mosaic, smaller Metallico Copper Metallic Mosaic); Pompeii Quartz, Naples, FL (quartz countertops, mini shelves and shower bench)

Tile Installer: Pavel Prichici, Inc., Hollywood, FL

Installation Products: Laticrete, Bethany, CT; Amerimix, Charlotte, NCå