As we begin the New Year, many of us are probably wondering what is instore for us in 2017 — both personally and in our businesses. Speaking on a personal note, I wish my family, friends and all of you, health and happiness, which I believe is the most important. And as the editor of TILE, I hope all those in the tile industry see growth in their company, and overall, experience positive results in the coming year.

Here at TILE, we continually look for ways to improve upon what we are doing. We want to ensure we offer our readers useful information that can benefit them in their business. Whether it is technical details on installation methods or products, or insight into the latest trends in tile collections, we want to be considered a resource to those in the industry.

With this said, we have some ideas of how to expand upon what we already offer in our print editions and hope you will enjoy reading these new features in our 2017 issues. On the electronic side, we are excited to introduce our new eNewsletter, TILE Edge, which will launch in February. TILE Edge will come out on the alternating months of the print edition.

It was after much thought that we realized an eNewsletter will complement the content of our print edition. It will allow us to continually provide information to our readers throughout the year. In addition to showcasing the features that run in the print edition, TILE Edge will also include web exclusives, up-to-date news reports, product roundups and blogs sharing what we witness while “on the road.”

Having an eNewsletter is just another way for us to spread the news and information we believe is beneficial to members of the tile industry. Tile Edge, along with the print edition and social media platforms, will enable us to provide information in various ways to suit each individual’s convenience. And I can’t forget to mention TILE’s new mobile app, which recently became available. If you haven’t already, be sure to download it at:

I’m sure many of you out there also have new projects, programs or procedures you are planning to implement in 2017. If it is something you would like to share with us for an article or news announcement, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or TILE’s managing editor, Heather Fiore, at We’d love to hear from you. We are also open to any ideas or suggestions you may have about the content of our print and digital publications.