Coverings will return to Orlando to showcase cutting-edge products and emerging trends in the marketplace. When the industry gathers at the Orange County Convention Center, April 4-7, attendees can browse the array of new product introductions presented by over 1,000 exhibitors representing more than 40 countries.

“While the industry continues to produce innovative new materials for architects, designers, builders, remodelers, distributors, retailers, installers, contractors and fabricators, Coverings remains the venue where everyone can find what they’re looking for,” said Alena Capra, Coverings industry ambassador. “In addition to seeing thousands of new products, the show offers incredible opportunities to further your education and grow your network. Coverings celebrates all segments of the industry, with important takeaways for each and every attendee.”

Here is a preview of the products Coverings’ exhibitors will display at the 2017 show:  

ABK Group (booth 1211) will showcase their Alpes porcelain tile collection, which combines the decorative quality of various stones from the south of France.

American Wonder Porcelain (booth 2605) will feature Fabric Folio, their new interpretation of a fabric-cement blended look.

Aparici’s (booth 4619) Bondi Collection revives encaustic, Mediterranean tiles with a new smoother finish and anti-slip rating.

Azulev Grupo (booth 4800) will reveal its SLIMRECT product, a 25x65 format, slim tile available in a rectified finish.

Ceramiche Piemme (booth 1207) will tout its Bits & Pieces collection in which Gordon Gordon Guillaumier reinterprets terrazzo flooring with square and irregular polygonal shapes.

Cir (booth 828) will highlight its Mat collection, a group of minimalist matte porcelain tiles in a variety of shapes.

Crossville’s (booth 2600) Nest offers a soothing, neutral color palette, all with the sophisticated clean graining of premium wood species like Olive and American Oak.

Equipe Ceramicas (booth 4600) will showcase its URBAN collection, an aged-cement finish of porcelain stoneware available in five colors.

Firenze (booth 3122) will highlight Oxide, porcelain tile that dresses modern projects by accentuating walls with a metallic touch, giving personality to the space by following the industrial design trend.

Florida Tile’s (booth 3717) Glamour creates an allure and sophistication of timeless Hollywood with porcelain floor and ceramic wall tiles that add an element of drama to any space.

Fondovalle (booth 1732) will take the wraps off of its Dream collection, inspired by the natural weft of linen, providing a natural and refined look that draws connections to traditional textiles.

GAYAFORES (booth 4602) will feature Osaka, inspired by Japanese minimalism with soft, pure and minimal lines that enhance the neutrality of cold tones.

Grespania (booth 5222) will showcase new products in the Coverlam range, innovative products made from natural raw materials with exceptional mechanical and aesthetic properties that surpass conventional tiling materials.

Ironrock/Metropolitan Ceramics (booth 3022) will feature Royal Thin Brick, which is kiln-fired and tumbled thin brick made from locally sourced and recycled clay and shale.

Italgraniti Group (booth 811) will tout Mega, a collection of rectified porcelain tile, available in large format slabs that allow unbroken tiled surfaces.

Lunada Bay Tile (booth 3700) will launch Namibia, a series of sculptural, three-dimensional Japanese ceramics that emulate the rise and fall of the desert namesake.

Marca Corona (booth 2003) introduces 4D, which brings thickness, movement, dynamism and richness to wall tiles, available in wood, stone and marble looks to create infinite possibilities.

Natucer (booth 5220) will feature DYNAMIC, a collection of 3D wall tiles that offer innovative solutions in design and architecture by creating constant movement in the wall that changes according to perspective and light.

NOVOGRES (booth 5427) will reveal its HABITAT SERIES, a white body wall tile reminiscent of aged brick.

Peronda (booth 5208) will showcase Museum, a collection of tiles that emulate the sophistication and elegance of exotic marbles.

Saloni’s (booth 5215) Eternal Collection is based on a fresh approach on marble, with finishes and textures that reproduce the natural beauty of stone.

Sicis (booth 1203) will showcase Vetrite, a unique collection in which the company’s fabrics are sandwiched between large format glass tiles to create lustrous and reflective tiles suitable for a wide range of applications.

StonePeak Ceramics (booth 2610) will introduce its Classic 2.0 collection, one of three stylish new series that StonePeak will be introducing this Spring.

Supergres (booth 2108) will highlight Purity of Marble, a collection of porcelain stoneware floor and white body tiles that reflect its namesake. The tile will be available in three color schemes: Statuario, Lasa and Calacatta.

Unica (booth 1441) will tout Woodlines, a unique take on wood, inspired by offcuts and the cross graining of plywood, creating graphic patterns that transform porcelain tile.

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