China Ceramics recently announced that its board of directors has appointed Jun Liu as an independent director and a member of the audit, compensation and nominating committees. Liu meets the Nasdaq Stock Market independence requirements and additional independence requirements under the U.S. securities laws for membership on the audit committee. As a result of this appointment, the company’s board now consists of six members, four of whom are independent.

“We welcome Jun Liu to our Board as an independent director,” said Jiadong Huang, chief executive officer of China Ceramics. “We are confident that he will make a positive contribution to the Company based upon his experience and background.”

Liu holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in China, received in 1990. Liu’s expertise is in the area of acquisitions, strategic planning and deal structuring. Presently, he serves as a consultant and advisor on various mergers and risk management matters to several companies in the financial industry. Liu is also a senior manager of Dashang Group, a large retail chain group in northeast China.

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