Drawing from the legacy and works of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, La Casa de Frida is the most recent addition to Fireclay Tile’s “Stories” program, a rotating library of curated sample kits developed to make it easier for homeowners and designers to discover the latest fresh trends in tile.

“With Stories, we challenged ourselves to find a way to respond to current trends in design and seasonality, without contradicting our belief that good design is one of our most sustainable assets,” said Jamie Chappell, creative director at Fireclay Tile. “This encouraged us to create a new sampling experience with curated content that offers design inspiration, while also retaining the integrity of our products’ permanence.”

To tell these stories, Fireclay built an accessible, easy-to-use web experience. With unexpected pairings and beautiful finishes, each story is neatly packaged into an easily digestible collection, like La Casa de Frida, which features eight vibrant, hand-picked colors.

Curated by Fireclay’s first guest storyteller and talented showroom designer Sylvia Fajen, La Casa de Frida weaves together a tile-inspired tapestry that celebrates Frida Kahlo’s love for lush florals, vibrant textiles, and whimsical folk art. Filled to the brim with rich blues, sun-kissed yellows, pastel pinks, and earthy oranges, these handcrafted hues take on an artful flair with bold geometric patterns.

For more information, visit www.fireclaytile.com