Right outside of North Miami Beach is a planned suburban city known as Aventura. Located in northeastern Miami-Dade County, Aventura translates to “adventure” in Spanish and was named after one of the developers of the original group of condominiums in the area. For a new residence in the wealthy community, local designers were tasked with creating a sanctuary for a Mexican family relocating to the U.S. in pursuance of a better living environment to raise their children.

“The inspiration behind this dream home was the essence of twilight,” said Ivonne Ronderos, principal of DKOR Interiors in North Miami, FL. “That moment at the end of the day where all the hustle of the day has come to a peaceful moment and the family can find tranquility in their home as the sun gradients down the sky, revealing the beautiful blue and amber tones of twilight.

“Interior design details and design features maintain cohesiveness throughout the home with an emphasis on a vertical movement and gradient,” the designer went on to explain. “A particular materiality selection like variations in wood, concrete and subtle stone patterns allowed us to create a unique mood for this elegant and functional home. Accent colors used throughout the home are inspired from the essence of a twilight sky — shades of blue and gray with pops of amber.”

The clients assisted Ronderos and the design team at DKOR in selecting different types of tile from Atlas Concorde to fulfill the celestial design, which each work well together throughout 5,480-square-foot home. The flooring in the main living areas, such as the dining and living rooms, feature roughly 4,200 square feet of 24- x 24- and 30- x 60-inch tiles from the Mark collection. The concrete-inspired matte tiles were used in Chrome, a dark gray color; around 65 square feet of the same tile, in an 18- x 35-inch format, was also used for an accent wall in one of the bathrooms.

A textured version of the Mark collection in the same color, Chrome, was utilized for the outdoor flooring and shower flooring inside most of the bathrooms. More than 2,000 square feet of the tiles were used in a 24- x 24-inch format.

One of the most visually attractive spaces of the home is the master suite. To provide a nice complement to the neutral Mark tiles, 18- x 36-inch tiles from the Marvel collection were chosen for the flooring and accents in the master bathroom. Just over 600 square feet of the Calacatta-like porcelain tiles were implemented, which show the design’s natural progression, with a white backdrop and light gray veining.

On the bathroom ceiling, along with the floors on the upstairs level, a darker wood-look tile from Atlas Concorde’s Etic collection was employed in the color, Palissandro. Palissandro, which translates to “rosewood” in Italian, emulates the look of the richly hued timber that is often brownish with darker veining. “The wood porcelain brought an extraordinary amount of warmth to the space,” said Ronderos.

Having used Atlas Concorde’s tile for several other residential and commercial projects, the DKOR team was naturally drawn to their products. “We love the look and pricing of the tile,” said Ronderos. “It’s also very durable tile that doesn’t break easily, which the general contractor can easily work with.”

More than 7,300 square feet of tile from Atlas Concorde was used for the various floors and walls in the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom home, supplied by D&B Tile in Sunrise, FL. The design team and clients were onsite regularly to supervise the installation, given the depth of the various design elements.

“For the flooring on the first floor, due to the large size, it was really important that the grout lines aligned with certain design features, hallways, etc.,” the designer explained. “This seems like a ‘no brainer,’ but when there are so many spaces that open up to each other and all have key design features that connect to the floor, it was crucial for us to customize the floor layout. We also intermixed the different finish options available for the flooring — from the exterior finish around the pool deck to the matte and smooth finishes. At locations where these two finishes connected, we made sure it was hidden or there were other design elements that grabbed your eye. All in all, the gray floor tile, even with use of different sizes and finishes, created such a smooth canvas for the rest of the home.”

When it came to the master bathroom’s marble-like tile, Ronderos worked with the tile installer to ensure there was an organic placement of the veining. “Due to the great specifications of the tile, this was quite easy, but nonetheless, there were certain niches and corners where we wanted to make sure that the overall look felt organic in the marble veining,” she said.

The entire residence took around two years to complete and has received worldwide recognition, including the grand prize in the “Residential Tile” category at the 2017 Coverings Installation & Design (CID) Awards. “The owners were speechless,” said Ronderos. “They were so happy to finally see their new home completed. It was a special moment for them; they hugged and prayed as a family.”

Private residence

Aventura, FL

Designer: DKOR Interiors, North Miami, FL
Tile Supplier: Atlas Concorde, Fiorano Modenese, Modena, Italy (Mark, Marvel and Etic collections)
Tile Installer: Newman Brothers Construction, North Miami Beach, FL