Venticano is a small town in the Campania Region, which is located in southern Italy. Here, the Hotel Europa has always been the perfect place for business meetings or a relaxing weekend. The building comprises 30 rooms supplied with every comfort for a pleasant stay.

Recently, the flooring on the ground floor of the hotel needed to be rebuilt. The architect, Antonio De Venezia, advised the enterprise Vincenzo Grasso to rely on the quality of Progress Profiles products, a leading company in the sector of technical and decorative profiles and laying systems, able to offer more than 13,000 technical and design solutions and many innovative tile fixing and laying systems.


Progress Profiles’ Prodeso membrane
Progress Profiles’ Prodeso membrane was the ultimate solution, allowing for a new lasting tile installation.


For a total area of 700 square meters (7,535 square feet), the marble tiles of the entrance and the ground floor were damaged by decay, presenting tough stains and cracks, in need of fixing. A total removal of the old flooring would have involved a considerable expense, as well as a prolonged period of closure of the structure, affecting the hotel services.

Based on these factors, the enterprise Vincenzo Grasso decided to apply the uncoupling and waterproofing membrane, Prodeso, directly on the old floor, without removing it. The system, designed by Progress Profiles, is ideal in case of requalification works; the polyethylene membrane is provided on both sides with a non-woven polypropylene thermowelded fabric that ensures its application even in case of overlap and on cracked and aged supports, allowing the release of steam vent. Thanks to its desolating characteristic, the Prodeso membrane maintains greater elasticity, ensuring the absorption of the settling of the screeds and reducing considerably the pavement cracks. The system of application of the membrane, recently renewed in the design with teardrops cavity, permits a significant reduction in construction time, with no interruption of works, from product laying to covering laying.


new ceramic tiles inspired by marble
The uncoupling and waterproofing membrane was used extensively on the main floor of the hotel, and then covered with new ceramic tiles inspired by marble.


For the new flooring inside of Hotel Europa, large-format ceramic tiles inspired by marble have been laid directly atop the Prodeso membrane for a similar look, with better sustainability and easier maintenance. Exploiting the advantages of Prodeso membrane system, the overall working costs have been considerably reduced, guaranteeing a perfect and elegant result.