Located in the heart of Hermosa Beach, CA, just a few blocks from the historic Hermosa Pier and 20-mile-long paved path, The Strand, is an all-day eatery known as Serve on 2nd. Conceptualized by local restaurateur and 13-year professional beach volleyball player with The NVL, Jon Mesko, the restaurant was designed to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere with three distinctive, yet understated seating options to satisfy the diverse needs of the community.

“We were going for a true Hermosa Beach vibe in the space, so we channeled lots of blues and greens that would make people really feel like they were at the coast,” explained Abby Kuskin of Kuskin/May in Los Angeles, CA, who designed the 2,400-square-foot restaurant with her partner, Annie May. “We used the Arto Roman Pavers in ‘Early Gray,’ ‘Natural Gray’ and ‘Ocean Green Light.’ The ‘Ocean Green Light’ was perfect because it still felt really neutral and not too overwhelming. The Hermosa community is lively and fun, and we felt like this color scheme was a perfect representation of their lifestyle.”

To create the unique design seen on the floors of Serve on 2nd, Kuskin and May custom-cut larger 12- x 24-inch chevron tiles into four smaller chevron-shaped tiles. “We really wanted the space to open up and feel like it has been there forever, and we wanted it to be a meeting spot for friends and families,” said Kuskin. “To do this, we created several communal areas like the large, custom communal table, the intimate bar area and the custom booths that are nestled under the plant canopy.”

The designers utilized around 550 square feet of the pavers, which were supplied by Arto Brick in Gardena, CA. “We chose the sand set pavers because we needed to provide extra drainage from the roof of the restaurant,” explained Kuskin. “It’s a really old building and the drainage is terrible. We got really lucky to find a product that was both beautiful and functional. This was just one of the many pieces that had to be extra functional and durable due to the fact that we are only one block from the ocean. The salt air and coastal weather are so damaging.”

Kuskin and May were extremely hands-on throughout the duration of project, which took just under one year to complete. “It was a heavy design-build project, so we were onsite several times per week making sure everything was being installed properly and everyone was moving along as planned,” said Kuskin. “There was a lot of supervision with the millwork and banquette installation, since every bit of it was custom. We wanted to make sure it all looked perfect and fit together as it was going in. There was also quite a bit of mediating between the trades.”

Serve on 2nd was officially opened over Memorial Day weekend this year and has received noticeable recognition from the community ever since. “We are so overwhelmed by the feedback we have gotten on the space,” said Kuskin. “When you are so deep in the details of install, it’s sometimes hard to see the bigger picture and really appreciate the space you've created, but as soon as the restaurant opened its doors, it felt like it had been part of the neighborhood for ages. The local Hermosa community was over-the-top excited about the space and loved the design. We really tried to make it something that spoke to the community and responded to their beachy and active lifestyles.” 

Serve on 2nd

Hermosa Beach, CA

Designer: Kuskin/May, Los Angeles, CA

Tile Supplier: Arto Brick, Gardena, CA (Roman Pavers in “Early Gray,” “Natural Gray” and “Ocean Green Light”)