CHARLESTON, SC -- Keller Interiors, a privately held flooring installation company with 30 locations throughout the U.S., recently announced its support for OneWorld Health, a Charleston-based global nonprofit. Through financial backing and future oversea volunteer initiatives, Keller Interiors will help OneWorld Health provide quality, affordable healthcare to people in East Africa and Central America.

David Keller, president of Keller Interiors, was introduced to OneWorld Health through friends currently involved in its initiatives. After meeting with donors and volunteers and gaining an overall understanding of the lives touched by OneWorld Health, the similarities in the mission of both companies became apparent and the need for a partnership became evident.

Keller Interiors’ purpose is to build relationships and faithfully serve people in their home projects through an impactful, positive attitude and differentiated quality experience. OneWorld Health has a similar approach in faithfully serving people in countries with limited proper healthcare options through a positive attitude and quality experience. They do this by establishing sustainable healthcare initiatives that empower communities, serving more than 200,000 patients since opening in January 2011.

"We have known about OneWorld Health for a couple of years and believe in their ‘teach a man to fish’ philosophy,” David Keller said when speaking about their self-sustaining healthcare model. “This is a program where everyone at or through Keller Interiors can feel good that they made a difference that day in someone’s life through their healthcare. As the program grows here, it is our desire to send teams that might have a hands-on experience one day."

Along with dedicating funds from every completed install, Keller Interiors has designated a section on their website to raise awareness of the OneWorld Health partnership. Over a 12-month period, financial support alone from Keller Interiors will help serve approximately 20,000 patients within OneWorld Health’s facilities. To find more information, a video of David Keller with OneWorld Health executive director, Michael O’Neal, and ways to donate, visit