MORENO VALLEY, CA -- iQ Power Tools, manufacturer of premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems, recently announced its War On Dust 2019 Campaign.

Loaded with the entire iQ Power Tools’ lineup, the “iQ Trailer” is taking to the streets, headed across the country, bringing awareness and education as part of its crusade against silica dust.

The iQ trailer has been visiting facilities of dealers, contractors and masons, and has been frequenting jobsites across the country since 2017, exhibiting its premium power tools with integrated dust collection systems to staff, tradesmen and apprentices.

“Now, we’re taking one step further, declaring War on Dust,” said Paul Guth, president of iQ. “The primary focus of this campaign is to raise awareness about the true dangers of silica, and in addition to doing so, offer training on ways to eliminate dust and slurry mist at the jobsite.”

Guth said the firm’s campaign is called “War on Dust (WOD) 2019.”

The WOD 2019 tour kicked off in the Midwest on March 7, 2019, and is slated to make 40 strategic stops at top dealers across the U.S. this year, eventually returning to iQ’s headquarters in California during the summer.

“Innovative solutions and education provide the foundation of who we are, and this program is no different,” said Guth. “WOD 2019 will not only help contractors become more aware of the serious dangers of silica, it will also showcase iQ’s efficient options to get their jobs done faster and safer. Each stop allows contractors from multiple industries to test our products firsthand, and ask any questions they may have about iQ Power Tools product line, directly to the company’s experienced team.”

Each WOD 2019 scheduled event will take three to five hours at each stop. Lead by iQ’s national training manager, Vince Hollis, these informative and in-depth presentations on the health hazards of silica, OSHA standards and more will be followed by hands-on demonstrations of the entire iQ Power Tools’ line-up.

“Our dealers are vital to the success of this tour and more importantly, in helping us to bring about silica awareness,” added Hollis. “iQ is committed to supporting our dealers, our customers and the industry as showcase efficient options to eliminate the hazards of silica.”

“A percentage iQ sales during each WOD 2019 Event will be donated to the American Lung Association (ALA),” added Sarah Hurtado, marketing communications manager at iQ. “Partnering with the ALA is important to us, as they have the same goal in mind as us -- saving lives.”

“We are excited to hit the road with this new endeavor, and look forward to the success and awareness it will bring -- not to mention the number of lives we might be able to save,” said Guth.

The full WOD 2019 Tour will be chronicled on iQ’s website. iQ will welcome inquiries for additional stops along the way as it builds momentum, teaming up with trainers from the National Tile Contractors Association and the International Certified Flooring Installers Association, as well as Spec Mix Bricklayer 500® regional events.