A major redevelopment project has been carried out in Via Fatebenefratelli 14, Milan, exploring the most recent and respectful forms of contemporary architecture, while enhancing the classic taste of the 1940s.

Lombardini22, a leading engineering and architecture group in Italy, directed the project, transforming a 1940s residential building into an elegant, central contemporary structure for offices.

Fatebenefratelli 14 is a an architectural and energy redevelopment project designed, on the one hand, to upgrade the building to meet new regulations and new functional needs related to the different uses of the spaces, and on the other hand, guided by the owner’s idea to explore the hitherto untapped potential of the building, which is located in the charming Brera district, strengthening the relationship between the building and the surrounding urban fabric.

Marazzi contributed to its redevelopment and transformation into a contemporary structure for office buildings, leaving a tangible mark both inside and outside. For the raised floors of the terrace, Lombardini22 chose Plaster 20 porcelain stoneware, very thick tile with an evident industrial style that meets technical requirements by creating a balanced and harmonious synthesis between the classic taste of the 1940s and contemporary trends.

SistemN technical porcelain stoneware, the fruit of important and innovative techniques, is the sophisticated ceramic tile collection that Lombardini22 chose to create the internal coverings.

Entering the lobby, you immediately feel that you are in an exclusive space: step by step, you become clearly aware of Milan’s centrality, emphasized by the colors of the coverings. SistemN’s neutral colors, “Bianco” and “Grafite,” create elegant, refined environments, perfect for hosting offices and commercial locations. These choices perfectly reflect a focus that never loses sight of the redevelopment project’s overall goal -- the meticulous reconstruction of the existing characteristics of the original building and the desire to introduce innovative elements that are essential for technical and functional upgrading, and for the renewed role of the urban context.

In recognition of the project’s quality and its sensitive approach to the building’s history, Fatebenefratelli 14 was awarded first prize in the “Renovation – Future” category of The Plan Award 2017.