NEW ORLEANS, LA -- Mosaic artists, Lee Callewaert of Dragonfly Tile & Stone Works in Wisconsin and Joshua Nordstrom of Tierra Tile in Alaska, will present “Artisanship in Tile Installations” at Coverings 2020, which is scheduled to take place from April 20 to 23 in New Orleans, LA.

It will be a series of three episodes where attendees will be trained by Callewaert, Nordstrom and the Dragonfly Tile & Stone Works team. Attendees will learn from these incredibly experienced and talented professionals the methods and materials for creating your own handcrafted tile feature art.

This live demonstration will focus on the endless possibilities of incorporating artistic designs into your tile installations. Tile contractors can offer their clients something truly unique and personal that distinguishes the project from “the norm” and highlights the artistry in tile craftsmanship. Enhancing your quality installations with custom artistic details or features is one way to elevate your reputation as an “artisan” and command a higher price for your work.

The tile industry has a long history of artistry. The mosaic art of centuries ago is a perfect example. Thanks to the many new products and tools, the evolution of possibilities is limitless. Custom, hand-cut medallions, murals, mosaics, borders, corner treatments and field patterns can all be incorporated into an installation for a unique presentation. And while high tech equipment and methods, such as water-jet fabrication, has advanced some of these opportunities, basic tools can be used to create many of these one-of-a-kind features or details that cannot be “bought” off the shelf. From simple to complex, opportunities exist.

There is a market for artistry in the craft. Consumers will pay for art. While a quality installation is artistry in itself, the next level of art in the craft, with practical ways to implement it, is what this session will focus on.

Live demonstrations will include techniques for templating, including patterning, labeling and organizing, as well as fabrication, mounting and scribing. Sample templates will be available.   Joshua and Lee will also discuss how they identify opportunities with clients to add handcrafted tile art to an installation.