TBK Design has been one of the leading independent brands in London for over 35 years, specializing in tiles, bathrooms and kitchens. Due to their continued growth, local design firm, John Evans Interior Architecture and Design, was approached to lead the relocation of their original store to a new flagship location, enabling them to realize their ambition for the future.

With the challenge set to create a new identity through brand and store design, the insight consultations and research they conducted allowed us to initially propose a more streamlined process. Since TBK has such a varied product range, the new identity for the business had to be cohesive, but also needed to communicate offerings across all product groups.

“It was also very important for us to provide a subtle, but clear differential between budget, high quality and luxury offerings,” said John Evans of John Evans Interior Architecture and Design. “We really felt this was crucial to ensure their varied customer base could navigate through the store and discover their ideal products, whilst not being discouraged by quite contrasting price points.”

This project in particular required a great deal of preplanning, concept design and detailed development to achieve what the design team set out to create, according to Evans. “In-store, we were able to create the most ideal experience through the careful placement of departments,” he said. “The identification of each area through branding, layout, interior design and lighting; and strategic product positioning within each area.”

The entire store was given a distinct style, with a new approach to the varying methods of display design. “The application of fittings, materials and finishes, and a considered lighting design, creating very specific atmospheres, has given TBK Design exactly what they were looking for,” Evans said.

Within the main bathroom and showroom, the new layout was designed to create a combination of zones providing areas for aspiration, selection and consultation. “We designed the bathroom sets, working showers, fitting displays and tile selection areas,” Evans explained. “Every consideration was made to ensure customers have access to the right expertise at each destination.”

The more luxurious ranges are located on the second level of the store, leading on from the main showroom. TBK Design’s “Bespoke” department specializes in high-end bathroom design, offering opulent vanity furniture, baths and large-format porcelain tiles.

“The design of this environment was defined as being something a little more exclusive, so the interior scheme was tailored to emphasise that,” Evans said. “Here, a different approach was made for the materials used. The bathroom set designs and layout, tile display methods, consultation areas and lighting design help to create an atmosphere that contrasted the main bathroom and showroom.”

To complete the new redefined identity, the foyer was also remodeled, creating a new reception area, which sets the tone for the entire store, including the “Bespoke desk, elevator and staircases.

“Working closely with TBK Design, we also created their new digital communications and multiple POS applications throughout,” Evans added. “Externally, the facade is finished with fiber cement cladding, transforming TBK Design’s new flagship store.”