The Italian word “firriato,” commonly heard in the western Sicilian countryside, indicates the cultivated area closest to the farmhouse, reserved for the most highly prized crops, especially wine. And it is precisely in the countryside, along the ancient roads so evocative of the agrarian nobility of long ago, that history of Cantina Firriato is rooted.

As an ambassador of these traditions, the Firriato Hospitality in Cavanera Etna, Sicily, expresses the soul and customs of its region in a resort equipped with the most modern conveniences. Nesting between the vineyards on the lower slopes of Etna, 600 meters above sea level, the guest house is favorably located between the historic towns of Castiglione di Sicilia and Randazzo. An exclusive setting for a relaxing break immersed in unspoiled nature, this is the Canavera Resort, as it hosts its guests in an atmosphere of extraordinary beauty.

A number of the indoors and outdoors areas of the Firriato Hospitality in Cavanera Etna have been tiled in a contemporary style with Trace, the porcelain stoneware collection inspired by the great works of the past, the look and colors of which it recreates by combining the color of burnished metal with the matte textures of cement. This fusion of history and contemporaneity was the perfect answer to the Resort’s requirements, with the color, “Bronze,” giving new vigor to the setting. In the 60- x 60-cm size for floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors, Trace offers an innovative vision of design, while leaving intact all the passion and intensity of its artisanal origins.