SOLON, OH -- Tarkett, a worldwide leader in innovative and sustainable flooring, will host a series of online presentations this month to help design professionals stay abreast of high-interest topics, including the future of work-life, finding inspiration through the reclamation and repurposing of waste, and a talk with design consultant Suzanne Tick on meditation and creativity.

Following are the courses being offered this month:

CEU: “Future of Work/Life”

  • Course description: We all appreciate the speed and efficiency of the new world of work. However, research increasingly shows many physical workplaces have not kept pace with the changes that are now part of our everyday lives.
    The Future of Work/Life course reveals the ways innovative architects and designers are creating radically new workplaces that aim to not just extract value from human resources but create value for humans. Through case studies and stories, the course will explore how these spaces are increasingly designed to be convivial, fluid and nourishing to support the needs of an increasingly flexible, diverse and purpose-driven workforce. 
    • Tuesday, June 2 from 1 to 2 p.m. EDT
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CEU: “Happy & Healthy: Designing High-Performing, Healthy Learning Environments”

  • Course description: For designers working in the K-12 education segment, this course provides tools and strategies needed to design more inclusive, safe, productive, and happy education facilities. The discussion will outline emerging concerns that designers must address when designing learning environments, such as school safety, indoor environmental quality and student and teacher performance and well-being.
    • Friday, May 29 from 3 to 4 p.m. EDT
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Presentation: “We Design: People. Practice. Progress.”

  • Presentation description: We Design is an exhibition by Design Museum Everywhere, sponsored by Tarkett, which brings together creatives from different backgrounds to examine and celebrate the range of career paths, applications and impact in design. The exhibition features career stories showcasing how people have forged their unique paths into different creative professions – from graffiti artists and architects to civic designers and research scientists. We Design emphasizes the need for more diversity in the design and innovation fields, and highlights the importance of equity and inclusion in terms of generating ideas.
    • Wednesday, May 27 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. EDT
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CEU: “NEXT Generation Green Building: Connecting People & Place”

  • Course description: For those who need to stay at the forefront of sustainable design, NEXT Generation Green Building will cover trends that are influencing the green building movement and what they will mean for the next generation of projects. Roxane Spears, vice president of sustainability at Tarkett North America, will review tools to help evaluate material health and the rating systems that are using them, as well as strategies to create actively beneficial spaces for learning, working, healing and living.
    • Wednesday, May 20 from 1 to 2 p.m. EDT
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Presentation/Talk: “The Creative Impulse from a Vedic Perspective: How Vedic Meditation Works”

  • Course description: Join artist and Tarkett design consultant, Suzanne Tick, for a 30-minute talk on creativity as she articulates her experience with Vedic meditation and balance in life and design. Tick is the founder of Suzanne Tick, Inc., specializing in materials brand strategy as a design consultant for brand strategy and product development. She also serves as creative director for LUUM and design partner for Skyline Design. Her designs have won numerous awards and continue to break new ground in the industry. Tick is known for her intelligent and enthusiastic approach to design in evolving markets, along with conviction to provide innovative solutions.
    • Friday, May 22 from 2 to 2:30 EDT
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CEU: “Earth Matters”

  • Course description: For too long, we have ruthlessly consumed our Earth’s assets and abused its resources. Forests become furniture, oceans are polluted and minerals are over-mined. For future generations, it is crucial to consider a new approach: a transformation from over-consumption towards sustainable development that is in harmony with nature, with increased respect for our environment and for each other. Philip Fimmano, partner at trend forecasting studio Edelkoort Inc., will lead a thought-provoking presentation on how the reclamation and repurposing of waste can not only reduce environmental impacts, but also spark innovation in textiles, fashion, building materials and design.
  • Friday, May 28 from 1 to 2 p.m. EDT
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