ST. MARYS, PA -- Protimeter recently announced the release of its newest moisture meter, The ReachMaster Pro. The ReachMaster Pro is designed for flood damage restoration contractors and home and roofing inspectors for the rapid evaluation of moisture conditions in a wide range of building materials.

The Protimeter ReachMaster Pro is the first independent telescoping moisture meter on the market that takes the hard work out of moisture inspection on floors, walls and ceilings by eliminating the need for climbing ladders or crawling on your hands and knees.

The ReachMaster Pro allows operators to survey moisture in buildings up to 60% quicker than conventional handheld meters, and it can detect moisture changes up to 5 inches below the surface.

“We’re so excited to launch this truly new technology that allows our users to quickly and safely find moisture in a wide range of building inspection applications,” said Chris Ranwell, global product manager.

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