The world’s largest cannabis dispensary is a Las Vegas showplace. Planet 13 includes a retail space, an entertainment complex and a factory that makes more than 500 cannabis-based products.

Planet 13’s designers looked for building materials that could meet the strict requirements of food production while making a visual statement, which is why they opted for durable, commercial-grade ceramic tiles from Argelith Ceramic Tiles.

For the flooring, 4 1/4- x 5-inch tiles from the Hexalith collection were used, which are designed for food and beverage production. Their unique hexagonal shape allows them to be laid to any slope, making them an excellent choice for floors that must slope to drains.

“Being able to sterilize and clean the floor, then simply mop the solution into the floor drains has been a large time-saver throughout our production process,” said Stephen Markle, Planet 13’s vice president of production.

With a baked-on, easy-to-clean finish applied to the tile’s surface, microorganisms can’t grow in Argelith’s ceramic material, which is also slip- and water-resistant. The naturally hygienic tiles are so hard and dense they resist breaking and absorb almost no moisture.

The ceramic tiles don’t react to harsh cleaning chemicals or high-temperature steam cleaning. Their ability to handle swings in temperature make it a smart choice under commercial ovens and boiling kettles. Markle said boiling water used to flush out machines pours right onto the floor and runs to the drain.

Planet 13 wanted to protect its foundation from heavy machinery, including its 1,000-gallon reverse osmosis system. The Hexalith tile keeps the weight and vibrations from the machinery from affecting the slab beneath.

The final floors not only meet Planet 13’s functional needs, they have a sleek, high-end look that visitors love. Since ceramic tile does not fade or stain, it never wears out. Hence, as the years go on, Planet 13’s floors should continue to be as functional and beautiful as when they were brand new.

Markle has become an evangelist for Hexalith in the cannabis industry. “Argelith was extremely responsive to my information requests,” he said. “I have recommended Argelith tiles to other businesses and I will continue to do so.””

Plant 13 Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Tile Supplier: Argelith Ceramic Tiles Inc., St. Charles, IL (Hexalith by Argelith)