Each of us imagines the pool as a place of relaxation, a place to feel free and enjoy the time taken away from everyday life. Most of the time, it is the distinctive element of an entire project.

Both in interior and exterior, in private houses or exclusive parks and gardens of hotels and resorts, the pool is the subject of architectural and design researches. Sicis, through its mosaic products and Vetrite series, often is an exceptional supporter of this.

For the Ravenna-based company, the mosaics, as well as Vetrite, become the way of expressing a lifestyle. Through an incredible range of colors and finishes, these materials allow to interpret the ideas of even the most creative designers.

The working process of mosaic, in pixels or artistic decorations, as well as that of Vetrite, even with customized patterns, allows Sicis to develop unique projects of great charm.

Sicis products are not only aesthetically, elegantly refined, but they also guarantee the maximum Laboratory tests certify the resistance to detachment of Sicis mosaics on fiber mesh.

For a private residence just an hour from Toronto, Canada, in the natural environment of the Ohsweken, a spectacular pool in glass mosaic was created by Sicis. Homes by JoJo Architect Studio designed and built the entire structure.

The concept of the pool recalls the works of the Futurballa; white mosaic bands are separated by black mosaic lines, which converge and intersect, creating a scenographic geometric game.

But the main character is in the central wall -- a huge shark with a magnetic gaze, which creates a genuinely impactful atmosphere.

Evocative, spectacular and fun, this pool is extraordinary. More than 2 million tesserae from the Iridium, Murano and Pluma collections were used to realize the project, while a team of Sicis master mosaicists worked at the three-meter-tall shark in artistic mosaic.

The goal was to obtain an aesthetically stunning room, with an incomparable quality of materials.