All the transparency and light of marble and the practicality of Ceramiche Piemme’s Italian-made stoneware: the architects who renovated the 4-star Van der Valk Zaltbommel hotel next to Ammersoyen Castle in the Netherlands were in no doubt.

The Marmi Reali collection by Ceramiche Piemme enhances rooms with its shine and helps to create color effects that are skillfully used by the interior designers.

The entrance, lobby and bathrooms, spread over an area of 1,800 square meters, are covered with tiles, featuring the polished Nero Reale and Carrara finishes. The geometric alternation of whites and blacks animates the surfaces with very striking optical effects.

Today, opting for porcelain stoneware tiles benefits a project in terms of practicality of installation and maintenance. Ceramic tiles are not only eco-friendly, hard-wearing and durable, but also easy to cut and install to professional standards. Stoneware is also ideal for radiant heating systems. It is non-toxic, hygienic and resistant to attacks by bacteria and mold, thanks to its non-absorbency.