The bathroom of a suite is a place where guests can finally enjoy some privacy and intimacy. Conceived down to the finest of details, the design of this space echoes that of the bedrooms.

A genuine paean to relaxation, there is nothing run-of-the-mill about this room, a place dedicated to self-indulgence in an oasis of calm and wellbeing. The large bathroom with adjoining bedroom is the perfect solution for guests that want the comfort of an apartment inside a hotel.

The first version is more luxurious and elegant, opting for Marazzi’s Mystone Gris du Gent collection on the floor in a 160- x 320-cm format, together with Vero wood-look planks on the floors in a 22.5- x 180-cm format. The walls are embellished with a 30- x 29-cm Mystone Gris du Gent mosaic with gold metallic inserts behind the tub and the Allmarble Golden White collection in its plain tile version with Pavé structure, both in a 40- x 120-cm format.

The second option is a little more understated, but no less sophisticated thanks to the use of a mix of different stonewares. The Grande Resin Look large-format ceramic slabs were used on the floors and walls of the bedroom; a gray color was utilized for the floor, while a muted green was used with the Grisaille decor behind the bed, both in a 120 x 278-cm format. Ghiara Venetian Terrazzo was also used on the bathroom floor, which was paired with the intense luminosity of the 6- x 24-cm Crogiolo Lume black-colored ceramic brick tiles.