NEW YORK, NY -- Stone Source recently introduced Equus, a Stone Source original porcelain stoneware collection by Montreal-based tile designer and art director, Catherine Braconnier, that explores an equestrian theme inspired by the designer’s deeply rooted passion for the sport. The line’s sophisticated geometry and timeless architectural shapes come together in three patterns -- Field, Hoof and Pavé -- for an ideal mixture of urban edginess and countryside warmth.

“I have been around horses, absorbing their environment and movements as a competitive jumper for many years,” Catherine Braconnier said. “My passion for the sport, stables and outdoors was the genesis for this line of tile, which captures the energy of the equestrian lifestyle. Simply, it encapsulates my love of horses and nature.”

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with Cat, a close personal colleague, to create a special original collection without limitations. We developed a perspective together with a powerful connection to nature -- the blue and green colors are like the grass and the sky,” said Ron Silano, vice president of product development and procurement at Stone Source. “It could be used anywhere, from bathrooms to backsplashes, commercial spaces and in hospitality environments.”

Born from the details of an equestrian environment, from different-colored coats worn by horses to the vast array of materials such as wood, metal, straw, sand, leather, stone and cement, the designs and their colorways are a modern interpretation of natural elements. Equus was conceived as the company’s fourth original collection and is available exclusively in North America through their network of 10 showrooms and Stone Source representatives.

Reflecting the freedom of cantering on a field composed of different levels, Field has a series of levels that mirror the rising and falling motion felt while galloping through a grassy landscape.

A soothing design inspired by the rhythmic sound of a horse’s hooves, Hoof is a dimensional take on hoof-shaped divots in the ground. Its unique configurations add a stylish beat to any space. Commonly found surrounding barns, geometric paving stones offer both an appealing look and an anti-slip surface for the horse and rider. Pavé mimics the beauty and textures of the material.

The variety of different colors, textures and finishes for these porcelain tiles are enhanced by the company’s sculpted patterns in Field and Hoof. It allows for infinite laying configuration that will deliver a striking, unique statement to residential and commercial projects in both vertical and horizontal applications.