In a point suspended between sky and water at Limone sul Garda, Verona, Italy-based firm 41 Interior & Design managed the expansion of the Hotel du Lac.
Updating existing facilities means not only adapting them to contemporary tastes and service requirements, but also fitting the new project into the existing structure in a sustainable way, without necessarily introducing drastic modifications, but improving its overall performances.

The renovation involved one master suite and 14 suites on the first and third floors, with interior design focusing on the choice of finishes.

“We were involved in the project from the outset, enabling us to delineate a very clearly defined design approach, based on carefully chosen materials, colors and light effects,” designers at 41 Interior & Design explained.

The project respects and evokes the lakeside context, and the special relationship between water and light.
In the rooms, special care was taken over the lighting design, “with lighting provided entirely by spotlights and LED lights integrated in the suspended ceilings, creating light effects, which can be varied to suit guests’ needs and offer different scenarios at different times of day,” according to the interior designers.
All the furnishings were developed and produced to 41 Interior & Design’s specifications, including the sommier beds, armchairs and sofas, which have simple shapes and are upholstered in tactile fabrics in solid colors that suggest the sand and blue colors of the lake, orchestrated with the more neutral taupe. The interior designers paid particular attention to the finishes of the walls.

The master suite, its almost 70 m2 subdivided with lightweight partitions through which the various areas are partially visible, features the colorful flowers of the Gipsy decor from the Marazzi Alchimia collection. In the other suites, the series of wallpapers is decorated with geometrical patterns that line the insides of the showers and then continue in the lounge area.

The walls are covered with ceramics -- from the extra-large slimline thickness porcelain stoneware slabs of the Grande Marble Look collection in the “Imperiale” and “Saint Laurent finishes” in a 120- x 240-cm format, which was also used to cover countertops in continuity with the walls -- to those of the Alchimia collection in a 60- x 180-cm format, with texture inspired by micro-cements. The smaller sizes of Lume from the Crogiolo collection in a 6- x 24-cm format are also featured for exceptionally glossy surfaces that add vibrancy to the interiors.
For the master suite, the floors feature a natural oak-inspired tile from Marazzi’s Vero collection in a 22- x 180-cm format, while in the suites’ floors are covered in the soft, uneven textures of Grande Concrete Look tiles in a 120- x 120-cm.

Outdoor pavings that were used were from Marazzi’s Powder concrete-effect collection in the “Smoke” finish in a 60- x 60-cm format.

“We fell in love with Marazzi at first sight,” the interior designers said. “We used their material widely to give an ‘Italian style’ so the luxurious new rooms would fulfil the guests’ dreams.”