ANN ARBOR, MI -- Motawi Tileworks (The Tileworks), a handcrafted tilemaker in Ann Arbor, MI, recently released two new art tiles: 4- x 4-inch Avery Tulip and 4- x 4-inch Square Flowers. Avery Tulip ($40) is new to Motawi’s Frank Lloyd Wright Collection and is available in Jade, Orange, Red and Turquoise colorways. The 4- x 4-inch art tile is based on Wright’s drawing of a tile frieze for the Avery Coonley House. While the drawing was never executed on the house, it remains an early example of Wright’s geometric nature abstractions.

The Coonley House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for Avery and Queene Coonley and built in 1907 in Riverside, IL. Motawi Tileworks has been licensed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to create decorative tile based on Wright’s iconic work for more than a decade.

Square Flowers ($40) is based on a design by Carrie Hetlage from Keramic Studio, an influential ceramics magazine during the Arts and Crafts movement. The 4- x 4-inch tile is available in five colorways: Golden, Oak, Orange, Red and Turquoise.

Motawi art tiles are available for purchase at The Tileworks (170 Enterprise Drive in Ann Arbor), online at and in more than 300 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

“Avery Tulip and Square Flowers each join beloved Motawi collections,” said Nawal Motawi, owner and artistic director of The Tileworks. “Avery Tulip was a new opportunity to reimagine Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, which is always an honor. Square Flowers exemplifies the Arts and Crafts style and enhances our offerings for fans of the movement.”

Founded in 1992, Motawi Tileworks makes handcrafted tile as art pieces and for residential and commercial installations. The company releases new art tiles regularly, including original designs and those based on the work of celebrated artists such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Charley Harper.