At first, it was just countryside. A completely wild place, a two-hour drive from the city, with a lake, forests and animals around, no gas, no electricity -- uncontaminated purity.

Here, in Krasnodar, the owners decided to create a family nest for a large family with their customs, culture of communication and hobbies. This is where the designer, Ksenia Stupko, responsible for all the interior project and solution, and her team, together with the architect, Roman Babenko, engaged in the structural design, started.

The 2,000-square-meter house consists of three blocks. Externally, the building is presented as a single whole, and built in the style of a chalet, it fits organically into the landscape.

The central part of the house is the real centerpiece of the building. An indoor swimming pool and winter garden, the cinema and the game rooms and other parts were designed for the meeting of the entire family. The ground floor connects all three blocks of the house.

This villa, the central one, was created in perfect Art Deco style. Shine, elegance, art, pure materials. From the entrance, you can perceive a Gatsby-like atmosphere that completely envelops you.

The floors, all made with Sicis factory materials, are in precious, light-colored marbles of different selections, and black for the geometric decorations of the iconic Cosmati collection.

Surely in another kind of construction, this would not have the same crucial importance. Here, from the first step, we follow a common thread that permeates everything. The surfaces form the background and create a natural continuity.

The marble staircase, the main element of the hall, has a galvanized stainless steel handrail, with the risers of the steps decorated with a design from the Cosmati patterns. These coverings were used on the other ambiences, as the dining and living area and in the other areas of the house.

An extension with black lacquered doors and above all with walls and exceptional paintings depicting mythological scenes or in other cases works by famous artists.

The winter garden is the prelude to a swimming pool decorated in artistic Sicis mosaics, which reproduces geranium leaves. A true oasis of serenity with a unique view towards the meadows and woods.

Even the bathrooms are entirely in concert with the other rooms, all in marble, with geometric games, decorations and frames. In one, floors are clad in white marble and Vetrite Mirror in ruby ​​red contrast, extremely stunning.

“I wanted to create a space where owners could enjoy art, quality finishes and the beauty of nature,” said the project’s designer, Ksenia Stupko. “I am sure that the objects, art, selected natural materials inside help us become better than we were yesterday, allow us to raise the level of culture, to raise the future generation surrounded by family values. I believe there are no boundaries for family values; they are wider than style or fashion. I hope I have managed to create not so much an interior as a separate microcosm with its unique atmosphere, which the family will keep, evaluate and inherit.”