The Grand Tower in Frankfurt is the tallest residential tower in Germany, with a height of 172 meters. It stands out from everything that was previously built in Germany in terms of residential buildings.

Designed by Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie and developed by GSP, thanks to its architecture and technology, it has already won several international awards.

Sicis realized the structural parts of the hall and walls in Vetrite and mosaic and also furnished the entire reception area.

A wall clad in Diamond mosaic, tesserae with a particular diamond shape, in brown degradé with inserts of gold, blue and green tiles in tone, winds for 17 meters long and 6 meters high, shaping a sinuous curve that embraces the whole area.

The large front windows bring inside an intense natural brightness that makes the decorated surfaces more effective. While at night, it is the central wall in backlit Vetrite that brings out a soft light and creates a cozy atmosphere. In the wall, there is a fireplace always lit that gives the ambiance a real touch of charm. The Vetrite wall is also 6 meters high and extends over a length of 5 meters.

The harmony of the selected colors, the fluidity of the surfaces and the effects of the backlighting give life to an incredibly welcoming and elegant environment.

For the furniture, Sicis selected sofas, tables and other elements from the Sicis Home Collections that match perfectly with the whole ambiance.